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Walking Question

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Sorry for bombarding you all with questions.

This morning was our first walk outside of our own road and yard. We live on a private dr so it is quiet and we have 1 1/2 acres so we taught our pup to walk on leash within the realm of where we live.

I need excerise myself so I'm ready for us both to go for a daily mile walk. This morning when walking near a busy street, Ryder stopped walking every time a car would pass. I'm sure it was strange for him, to be that close to cars driving faster. I had him secure on leash and inside of me, away from the road but he still stopped, watched the car go by and started walking again. Should I be patient or should I not let him stop? Again, this was his first time near a busy street with cars going about 35-45 miles. He did really good other than stopping to watch each car go by.
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He's over four months?
Getting him used to it during the socialization phase would have helped more. At this point just treat him as the cars are going by, that should keep him moving.
Should be fine in a very short period of time.

seems with goldens, when in doubt, use food...
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