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walking of the lead

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any tips on how to get my goldie to walk off the lead nicely, ignore other dogs and come when called, she is fine walking on a path but when we are on a field she puts her selective hearing on when off the lead. with the other dogs, she jumps up on the lead to try to get to them. so i cant have her off the lead unless i keep a good eye out for over dogs

anyone got any advise.

del & angel
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I wish I could offer more guidance, but Bella has always just been the type to stay by my side when we go for walks. I rarely have ever walked her on a leash, but I do sometimes just to train her to it. She will stop to smell things, but if I get 10-15 feet away from her she comes running back to my side. I do have the advantage of walking her way out in the country so cars are not an issue at all.
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