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Veterinarian and Owner Checklist for Stem Regenerative Cell Therapy

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As many of you already know we have considered the new stem cell therapy treatment for some of Barkley's orthopedic and arthritic issues. Last month my vet and I sat down and reviewed Barkley's health history and progress with other treatments including acupuncture, chiropracty, massage and supplementation. Our decision was that Barkley is doing just fine with these procedures and rarely needs anti-inflammatories or pain killers (thankfully!) for his severe hip dysplasia diagnosis and arthritis/spondylosis. Therefore we won't be pursing the stem cell transplant for him at this time.
I do our rescue's newsletter and have been mulling over doing a feature about this new therapy. Today I found a Veterinarian and Owner's Checklist for Vet-Stem Regenerative Cell Therapy:
This checklist might be of interest to other members of the forum who might want to consider this therapy for their goldens. It is promising, but right now pretty expensive.
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Very interesting Anne. Aside from the cost, I think I would also go the conservative route as long as you're getting good results. Risks might be minimal, but they are there (esp for a sr.)... and stats don't mean anything if you ( or your pup) are affected.
Very interesting. Thanks for the information. Hope Barkley continues to do well with his current treatment.
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