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Very proud of jake!!

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Last week when I took Jake to his 1st puppy preschool it was just him and another dog, it was a pug cross something and she was just a little smaller than jake. And they were so rough with eachother!!! they were biting eachother, barking at eachother, trying to hump eachother.. etc etc. It kind of worried me.. I thought he might be rough with all puppies like this!

Then this week at puppy class there were 2 other puppies in the class aswell, a tiny adorable cross breed and an even tinier very scared little king Charles caviler. When it came to off leash play time i asked the vet nurse if i should leave him on his leash because he's so much bigger and was afraid of him being too rough with them, she told me id be suprised at how he behaves with the little ones, and i WAS! i let him off his leash and he was SO gentle with them. no biting, no humping. He was on his belly trying to get into the same height level of the two little ones and was wagging his tail. Trying to get them to play with him, one was very scared but the other quickly joined in on his fun! It was amazing to watch how good he was with smaller dogs. I hope it always stays like this!

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Awww... WTG Jake! That is so neat. Bailey has never done that. She thinks that every puppy, no matter what size will play like her.
Every right to be oh so proud! Good boy Jake!! And, by the way - he is just too cute! Congratulations proud mom!
Way to go Jake!!!!
It's amazing how they just know when they are with little ones!!

Good boy Jake :) Keep up the good work!!
What a great story! Way to go Jake! Winchester starts puppy kindergarten next week. I hope he's as nice to the little guys as Jake is.
Ah, good boy Jake!
I'm surprised by Ike sometimes too. He's such a handful when he plays with dogs his own size but he is very gentle with my brother's little mix Tika. I was worried at first too.
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