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Venison treats?

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Hi All,

I know every dog is different, but wanted to ask if any of you give your Goldens venison treats? Our local feed stores were having a Halloween fundraiser for Muttville Senior Rescue and we got a "Trick or Treat" goodie bag for Biscuit. In the bag, there were venison treats, which he has never had...I'm hesistant because I am not sure if they are going to sit well. Among other tasty items, they also had lamb treats. What do you think?

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I'd give him one and see how he does. Is he on some special diet or has stomach issues? If not, I wouldn't be particularly worry about venison or lamb.
Since I've had to take Rosco off chicken due to a suspected allergy it's been quite a task to find good quality treats that do not have poultry in them. So I've given Mr Coltrain (ie. Rosco) venison treats by Wellness. (nothing but pure dried venison). No problems here with the Venison!
Duke used to be on venison & potato food when we were dealing with what we thought were food allergies. Venison is supposed to be very good - he had no troubleat all. I do give venison treats still.
I tried a venison/bison based kibble for a while with Caleb. He loved it, though it was a little rich and gave him soft poo. I'd say just try one or two and see how he does.
Ike loves venison, it's one of the meat sources in his kibble and I've cooked up raw venison as a treat for him, when I can get it. Ike is allergic to chicken, among other things, and venison is one of the meats I can feed.
Hi sf


The venison treats should be fine. Venison is a quality protein and I've not heard of any dogs have an issue with them.

Thanks everyone! Biscuit has no stomach issues, so I'll give him one to start and see how it goes!
My dogs LOVE venison!!!! Belle wants to come for venison treats. DH deer hunts this year he wants to get one to two deer for the dogs alone. One is enough for us. He wants to grind up one just to mix with the dogs food. He puts some into "jerky" and we call it "Belle Crack" she goes NUTS!!!!

Last night for agility we were low on dog treats he cooked up two steaks (venison) and cut them into small pieces. Oh were my dogs running good last night! My dogs have never really had food issues so I don't know about that I just know my dogs have never had an adverse reaction to venison.
I haven't given Winchester venison yet, but my husband recently harvested an elk and I used cooked up elk heart as treats. He loved them and didn't have any problem at all.
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