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I saw this on another list and thought it might be important.... Has anyone tried Vectra 3D?

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Re: News about new Vectra 3D
(Seattle, WA)
Date: 2009-10-21, 2:47PM EDT
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I have been doing research online about Vectra 3D since my dog became VERY sick Sunday. I saw the last post about the product and thought I would let you all know what happened to my dog.

I have a 5lb Maltese/Yorkie/Poodle/Shitzu mix named Frankie. He is 18 months old and full of energy. I usually use Revolution for puppies and kittens on him. I sent my fiancé to the vet to pick up more and the vet
gave him Vectra 3D for some reason. They didn’t ask him if he wanted to try something new. They didn’t even tell him they were giving him
something new (which makes sense now that I’ve read what Kim said about vets making more money on this product than others). I told him to get the same stuff as last time and the vet would know from Frankie’s chart so I’m a little ticked they gave us Vectra instead. This was
on Friday October 16th.

They gave us the 2.5-20lb dog dose. I thought that was quite a wide range of weight for dogs so I only applied half the tube (although
the instructions did not mention anything about lowering the dose for smaller dogs).

I sent Frankie to my mom’s house for a few days while I was working and within about 6 hours she started noticing a personality change. He is normally very energetic and LOVES playing with her puppy (same breed) and loves to be held but for some reason he was just running to his
kennel and acting a little neurotic.

On Monday she gave him a bath and took him to the vet at which time she noticed even after the bath that the spot where the Vectra was
applied was still oily.

The vet did an exam and found that he had developed a “hot spot” where the Vectra was applied and had developed a bacterial infection from scratching it. They gave us an oral antibiotic and a topical ointment and sent him home. The spot is oozing and irritated and we can't even touch him anywhere NEAR it. I have to dab it with water and hydrogen peroxide
then put the topical ointment on it. He has now been on the meds since Monday mid-day and last night he started breathing really fast and heavy
and shaking.

His heart rate was 136 and had about 120 breaths per minute. I got online and started researching Vectra and its effects on small dogs. Apparently this is not an uncommon reaction and can be caused by the Dinotefuran and the Permethrin. On the two forums I visited there were even a few
people whose small dogs have died from it. Most of the things I read had to do with toxicity relating to the Permethrin. All of the side effects had to do with breathing, shaking, seizures, drooling, depression, and liver
damage etc. which were all things Frankie was doing last night (with the exception of the seizures that I could tell… and I don’t know about the liver damage…)

I called the emergency vet clinic at my vet’s office and they told me that he was probably just stressed from the infection and they had never heard of Vectra poisoning a dog, but I will never use it again and I am telling everyone I know that have small dogs to stay away from it.

Frankie is at home today with my sister and if he starts shaking and breathing funny again she is taking him in to the emergency vet. They told me on the phone last night that all they would be able to do for him is hook him up to fluids and let it run its course so I decided to keep him home and made sure he was drinking plenty of water.

Anyways… just thought you would want more info on the effects it can have on small dogs. If you care to know I will let you know what happens over the next few days with Frankie…

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please be careful! pesticides are poison.
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