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My 9 week old golden retriever puppy Honey started to pee a lot around the 14th. Usually, she whines to let me know that she needs to go. We would go out for 5-10 mins and she'd pee around 3-4 times at most.
However, I noticed that she was peeing a lot more and on the 15th and it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that she's crouched down to pee over 30 times. Because the backyard is wet it was hard to tell how much she was peeing but straight after I took her out for 10 mins she would come in and pee again usually a very small amount (a few drops) or nothing at all.

The next morning I took her to the vet. The vet did a urinalysis. She had no blood in her urine, no infantile vulva and she didn't show obvious bladder pain. She is a little red down there but the vet says its mainly due to the ammonia plus her licking. He said that it was possibly UTI and gave her a pain relief injection and antibiotics for a week. He also noted down the possibility of ectopic ureters which I am praying that it isn't.

Negative glucose and ketones
Negative bilirubin and urobilinogen
Negative for bloods
Trace leucocytes
Negative nitrates
pH 6

I'm not too good with the terms but is infantile vulva the same as a recessed/inverted vulva? I searched up inverted vulva and it looks somewhat like what my puppy has : (

We went to the vet on Sunday in the morning and that's when she took the first antibiotic. It's been 48 hours and she hasn't gotten a lot better. When she's awake she still tries to pee every few mins and when she's let outside she'd be almost constantly trying to pee.

I will go to another vet for another opinion when Honey goes for her next shot on the 24th. I also have an exam on the 24th so I'm wondering if she can get her shot a day before/after the due date?
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