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Urine burning grass

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So my female pups' urine is starting to burn my lawn in places. I know that Petco sells some kind of pills that you can give your dogs that is supposed to stop it, does anyone know if they work? And if it does work, are there any adverse side effects?

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I really worry about giving anything like that to dogs.
(that is just me though!)
My lawn look like a war zone with pee spots.
I know some people rinse the area and disperse the urine, that seems to work well.
I am just not willing to follow Sierra around with a bucket or water can.
I tell you,after the grass recovers from the urine it is greener and taller than the area round the spot!
This is very common with unaltered females. I would be very hesitant to give any type of pills. You can always check with your vet and see what they recommend.
Find a new spot for your dog to pee. Do not mess with her body chemistry for the sake of a green lawn. We take Tucker out to pee on a leash for that very reason as we just redid our backyard. You can train you pup to go in a specific area of your lawn, where she won't burn out the grass. We have a couple of areas that are just mulch around our house that we use for specifically that purpose. If she does pee on the grass, be sure to dilute the area with a good soaking with a hose. That will help to save your lawn.
I just put some water on the spot. From what I heard those pills dont really work so dont waste your money.
I discovered something quite interesting. When we were in an apartment this summer, Brady was burning the lawn in the places he would pee. I swear the spots would come up overnight.

In August, we moved to a house. The lawn is not getting burnt spots. He is eating the same food (Wellness). We moved to acreage, which most people do not treat the same way as a smaller lawn, but the grass is still green.

I am really thinking the burning is a combination of Brady's urine ph and whatever chemicals were put in the lawn of the apartment landscapers. I do not believe any chemicals have been put on my new lawn.
Hi, I have the same problem on my grass with our male. I haven't used them yet but an tempted to. If anyone has please let me know how you got on:
our lawns are awful from where Ruby has wee'd on them
but thats the price we pay for having Ruby I guess
as for dog rocks Ruby is a rock lover so she would be forever fishing them out of her water bowl to munch on lol
Generally Pippa does not burn our grass with her urine EXCEPT for 2 separate time periods both of which I believe was related to the food she was on. EVO and Go Natural Grain Free. Both of these foods caused her to burn the grass. The only thing I see in common with the two is a higher calcium level and grain free. When we stopped feeding the food the burning of the grass stopped.
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