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My 5 month old boy, Dougal, has been having urinary problems for ages. We've had 3 urinalysis done, 1st came back with PH 8.0, struvite cyrstals but no bacteria. 2nd one came back no cryalst, no UTI, but PH still 8.0. After switching to Orijen we got the 3rd back which was all clear for UTI, crystals and PH was 6.0. Yey!

Bloodwork done was apparently all fine too.

So.......the problem.........he pees loads! I mean, absolutely loads! He can very often need to go every 10 mins and do a proper wee, not a spot or dribble. Most of the time he gets out, and I'm really confident this is not a housebreaking issue, as he definitely knows to go outside, but it's the frequency, volume and urgency to pee that I think is abnormal.

The weird thing is, he's fine when he's asleep. He can easily sleep 6/7 hours at night without needing to go, he can sleep during the day for a couple of hours without needing to go, but when he's awake he's going all the time! He also started to dribble fairly regularly about a month ago, which he hadn't done really before that. It's not constant, but maybe every day he'll have a dribbling incident!

Vet said the next thing to look at is an anatomical problem, e.g. ectopic ureta, small bladder etc. He's suggested waiting until we have him neutered so it can be done by x-ray at the same time.

Has anyone had similar issues with a male? Everything I've read seems to say things like this are mainly female problems.

I also had some info from the vet at Fish4Dogs, which in passing said they'd experienced struvite crystals and PH levels being high when there was an abnormally small bladder.........

any thoughts?

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