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URGENT!!! PREGNANT Flat coat/golden/Lab mix to DIE in Florida!

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Subject: URGENT pregnant black lab/golden mix will be heartsticked!!!
> Sophie is a black lab/golden mix. Maybe flatty wannabe? We think she > is pregnant, and that is why she got dumped at a kill shelter. > Her time is almost up, she only has one or two days to live at most. > The facility she is in uses heartsticks to euthanize!!!! > Sophie is very, very sweet! She is crate trained, walks well on leash, > and loves people. > She just needs a chance to show you how much love she has to give. > PLEASE consider fostering Sophie! Even a few days would make the > difference! If you can't foster, please forward this email to everyone > you know. What's happening to her is so wrong, please help! > Please contact Jody. Sophie has so little time left, please hurry! > Transport available! > > (352) 316-5155 > [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]> >


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Can Carol's rescue help???
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