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UPDATE-possible rescue for Copper in North Carolina

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I thought I'd start a NEW POST since nobody is commenting anymore in Copper's orginial post.

Larry Miller emld. me on Saturday and a wonderful rescue lady came to see Copper and I BELIEVE she took him into her rescue.
The plan is for Copper to be boarded first, then go to a Foster Home when one is FOUND, and then to be adopted.

Please, if anyone can offer to foster Copper and I think this rescue is in Charlotte NC, please email Larry Miller.
[email protected]

I am waiting for Larry to confirm what rescue and contact info for Copper.


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That would be wonderful!
He looks like a sweetheart and deserves a better life.


Thank you for caring and Copper is only 2 years old and sounds like the PERFECT DOG, ALL ready to go to a home where he can be loved, played with and cherished for the rest of his life.

Larry Miller has confirmed that a wonderful lady named Brenda has taken Copper into rescue.:):):):)

Presently Copper is being boarded until they find a foster home for him, so Copper is on the way to finding that person or family that will love, adore and
play with him forever!!!:):):--heart::--heart:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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