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Holy tamole!

I loved this trainer! Max of course barked like mad when she came to the door and when she came in she just wanted to observe so I did what i always do and made Max wait and told her I usually just ask people to ignore him. We talked a bit and then she had me put Maximus outside to observe his barking and whining. I told her I had left him out there yesterday and it took him 3 hours to shut up, (and the same thing in his kennel) and then yesterday afternoon it only took 20 minutes. She said I should keep doing what I am doing with a few changes. She said I am training properly but I am rewarding to late and punishing to soon. Instead of letting Max bark for 3 hours I should reward him right when he is still and quiet whereas I was waiting for him to be quiet for awhile b/f I let him in. *sigh* At least I was on the right track.

Anyway, long post made short, Max is being so good! I know she was only here like 3 hours ago, but I put him outside and within 5 minutes he was quiet, and I gave him a cookie and let him in and he was fine. Now I just wait for somebody to come knock on the door to work on that behavior and then I think I might just have a perfect dog. *owner bias I know I know*

I just wanted to update, and saw thanks for all the adice and input! I am so happy I got a trainer! I would hae pulled all my hair out for something as simple as "reward more punish less" wow. =)

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