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Update on Happy Harry

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We had a very successful show season including some top ribbons and even a blue! DD did a fantastic job of showing him and I got really good at 'grooming' for her at the shows.

I've progressed from jogging to loping, not without a struggle. Yesterday was shaping up to be another struggle so I got off and had DD get on and see if it was him or me. It was HIM! His lope was 'broke'. She kick- started (No actual kicking involved) him for me and then when I got back on he went along as smooth as silk.

However, my riding still leaves a lot to be desired. I rode him both Saturday and Sunday...walk, jog, lope....and had a great time. I hope my bad riding doesn't make him mad. It's not that I'm abusive or anything, just not the smooth, polished equitation rider he's used to.

I don't want to ride him badly too much and yet the only way to get better is to ride. Kind of a catch 22. So, I'm riding in my head: going over and over how it felt, what I did, DD's instructions,etc. Hopefully I'll be better next time.
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I'm hoping I can make good use of the good Fall riding weather. This weekend is the first time I've ridden in over a month and I can't remember the time before that. Probably back in April.

So, ya, more practice. More than a couple of times a year. :(:eek:
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