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Update from the zoo house. ;)

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Hi guys :) I haven't been on in a few days, but I wanted to give an update about the boys, as well as ask for good thoughts for Maggie.

Luke is free and clear. Contrary to our original belief, it was an absolute through and through wound. Either Tucker got him, or he impaled himself on a stick or something. Antibiotics have totally cleared up the issue and it looks as though we are home free.

Tucker's canine is staying put for now. He is eating just fine and does not seem to be in any pain. The sharp edge has been filed down, so it is not rubbing his gums at all. Other than looking slightly asymmetrical when he grins, he's totally fine. :)

Maggie...I thought things were settling down, then Maggie wouldn't get up this morning. She would raise her head, then kind of wobble and lay her head back down. Usually she gets up first thing and gives me kisses before heading to the back door. I couldn't even get her up to walk. I took care of the other pups, got ready for work, then took her to Brooke's. As soon as Maggie saw Brooke, she jumped out of the car and went right to her. I'm telling you, it was like she was playing possum or something. Anyway, her gum color was a bit pale and she still wasn't herself - no kisses, no wagging tail, etc. Brooke is going to keep her and run some tests today to make sure there's not a problem. Please keep your fingers crossed and think good thoughts for my girl.

Emmy is doing well. No news to report on her, other than that she had her first ice cream the other day and LOVED it. I took pictures and will try to upload them tonight. :)

And, just for laughs, here is a picture of Maggie and Tucker. Tucker is the one facing the camera. Please tell me I'm not the only person who sees this on a regular basis from their pups. ;)

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I am glad Luke is doing well and I sure hope Maggie is fine too. I'll keep her in my thoughts and prayers.
I hope Tucker's tooth does not give him any more problems(ugh - dentist:yuck:) and I am glad Emmy is doing well and liking her ice cream. She had such a rough life before she found you.:);):p:

I like the picture. I don't see much of that since Copper doesn't play and the cats just pop Jack and run him around. It sure must be fun and funny to see.

I hope you and your crew continue to do well and every day brings good news.
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