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Two puppies?

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As many of you know we lost our heart dog Samantha several weeks ago. We have decided to open our hearts to another Golden because of the love Samantha showed us. Many have encouraged us to get two Goldens, which we are now considering, but know nothing about. We would like to get two females, should they be from the same litter? This is so new to us so any advice is greatly appreciated! (Love this forum!)
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It has been done but I think you would be better off to get one and wait a year to get the next. Having two goldens is great but training two puppies at once could very easily be overwhelming.
Isn't it a good idea if they are both from the same litter?
Penny & Maggie are littermate sisters, and for us it's been a great great experience. That being said, we both had lots of time to spend with them as pups. We're empty nesters so they had (have ) our complete attention. We each had a dog to walk, train, take to class etc. They are the best of pals, and are VERY affectionate with us. I do think for most, spacing them out is easier.
We got two male golden puppies after our 8 year old retriever passed away in March. We got one in April and the other a month later in May. They are 2 months apart in age. While training the two of them hasn't been that difficult (they are both quite smart and listen well), they do tend to "scrap". I'm assuming it's for position in the household (we also have a 9 year old male retriever) so it can be a little stressful. I've heard 2 females are actually worse!!! We love our babies to death and would never trade them for anything, but hindsight being 20-20, we probably should have waited a few months after getting Austin before we brought Lincoln home. In any event, we have them now and we will continue to deal with their issues.


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Unless you have a TON of extra time to do one on one training with each pup, I would strongly advise against getting two puppies at the same time, especially littermates. When you have 2 puppies, it can be much harder to train them since they will be much more interested in each other than they are in you or anyone else trying to get their attention. Plus, there is a greater chance that they will bond more with each other than they do with you unles you really put in all the extra time in the world individually with each pup. They will each need a lot of one on one training time separate from each other. Also, when you get littermates, there can be issues with dominance. Having 2 pups is twice the financial responsibility, which I'm sure some people are fine with, but it can get very expensive! (Twice the food, double the vet bills, cost of spay or neuter, toys, leashes, collars, etc.) I would start with one pup and then think about getting a second once that pup is at least a year old and is through the puppy stages. Our breeder actually refuses to sell 2 puppies to one person or family at a time for those exact reasons. Two puppies is twice the work! I could never have 2 puppies at the same time! Our new pup won't be coming home until Tucker is almost 2.
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IMO, really reputable breeders won't even sell littermates to the same home. W/o special considerations in raising/training, being littermates can lead to problems.

As others have suggested, a year or so between pups seems to work best for most people.
I will not sell littermates together. Raising two puppies together can be done, but it is not always easy. Another thing to consider is the possibility of losing them very close together - heartbreaing. A co-worker just lost her two Labs (not littermates, but the same age) within 2 weeks of each other. I was extremely hard on her and her husband.
Our first Goldens, Sammy and Barley were littermates. We loved having the two puppies, but it really is twice the work. You need to take special precautions making sure each is independent, take separate walks, go to separate classes. It was a lot of work. The hardest part was loosing one. I am so thankful we had gotten Mira about a year before we lost Sammy (who was 5 1/2). Without her I am not sure how Barley would have managed...

That said, it can be a lot of fun having littermates, but you need to know what you are getting into.
I would wait and only get one puppy. Maybe in time get a second dog full grown like from a rescue. It is alot of work to have two puppies. I got a 5 mo old dog Katie and then 3 months later got Beau 3 months and it was hard hard hard. Twice the chewing, digging and just going thru the terrible bratty stage, I was surprised I survived.
Are you set on getting puppies? If not, sometimes rescues have two dogs that they really try to place in the same home for a variety of reasons. These dogs have a harder time finding homes since fewer people want to take one two. I would really encourage you to look into this.

Having just lost a dog, you might not want an older rescue, but here are two dogs in your area that need to be placed in the same home:

Or what about this two year old mama and her puppy: (mom) (babies)

None of these dogs might be the right fit for you, but I wanted to show you that sometimes rescuing two can really save and change two lives!
None of these dogs might be the right fit for you, but I wanted to show you that sometimes rescuing two can really save and change two lives!
We will definitely look at all possibilities. I truly wish we could rescue them all! I know my DH feels the same way!
I will keep my eye out for tow younger dogs that need to stay together in your area. They are tougher to find though because younger goldens tend to be happy as long as they are being loved! Older ones too, but sometimes they like to have their faithful companion from the past come with them. Can't say I blame them!

I am so sorry that you lost your girl so long. My Sammy (the collie I grew up with) died from cancer too young too. I still miss her big goofy tail and awful breath!
We just got our second puppy last week. Our other puppy is 8 months old. I would not have wanted them much closer in age. I have heard a lot against getting 2 from the same litter as they will tend to bond to each other rather than you. I am sure that is not always the case. I do have friends with littermates & they are fine. I might have waited a little more than our oldest being 8 months but at the time our breedr had a littler that we were interested in. I have found so far (NOw only a week so far, so ask me again in a month) but it is easier with te 2nd. They do entertain each other & the new puppy RARELY nips & bites. I think he gets the mouthing out on our older puppy. The little one follows KAdence around & they are a joy to watch.
Good luck what ever you decide.
I'm so happy you are ready to open your hearts to another dog. When we lost Maggie in July I knew I'd get another dog but wasn''t sure when. Then 3 weeks later my daughter surprised me with Hank for my birthday. IMO, a new pet actually helps with the grieving process. They remind you of all the forgotten, funny things a young, healthy pet does rather than allowing us to dwell on our Bridge Kid's last days.

As a senior, we hardly knew Maggie was around. She slept a lot, was going deaf, didn't always want to go for a walk. With Hank, you definitely know!

My only experience with 2 same-age puppies are Hank & his brother. Our daughter's BF has his brother, when they are together it is chaos. I can't imagine it everyday/all day.
I will strongly agree what most are saying against getting two puppies from the same litter. Especially two females. When a power struggle happens between two females, they never seem to get over it. Nothing is worse than having to seperate two dogs for their whole lives because they do not get along. I do not recommend getting two puppies at once, but if it were going to be done I think it would be better to get one of each sex.
Thank you everyone. We had a family discussion and decided to get a puppy from a breeder first. We just attended the Garden State GRC Specialty Show and had an amazing time! Met many very kind people and of course many beautiful furkids! When the time is right we will then get a rescue. My husband has also volunteered to help at a local Golden Retriever rescue.
That sounds like a great idea! You and your family are going to be very happy with whatever you decide. Just be sure to do your research.
I have a 6 yr old spayed female and 2- 7 month old spayed female littermates. Yes the amount of time required is tremendous but I work nights and spouse works days (3 12 hr shifts a week) so someone is with them all the time. For the most part they are easy to deal with and train but occasionally they like to play a little to rough but I just make them stop/sit/stay for a few moments and then all is quiet, no problems with food or toy aggression from all 3. The oldest one seems to have come to life again with the new active dogs in the household and me and spouse are getting 2 hours of walking in a day.
I have done it twice--. First were littermate brother andsister English Setters, Rascal and Duchess. No problem at all. were great in the field (quial hunting) as a team.

Then littermate brother and sister goldenretrievers Hunter and KayCee. Again, no problme. They adored each other--and use. When Hunter was killed by ProHearrtt 6 just after his 4thbirthday, KayCee did grieve for him and it told our adopted golden mix girl a few weeks to pull KayCee out of it. Then 4 1/2 years later We lost KayCee to cancer 3 months before her 9th birthday and Holney--tho adopted at a year old and 2 years younger, grived for KayCee for months.

Mayve I have been lucky that raising littermates was great for me and things worked out great. I do see in the news letters I get from different GR rescues I donate to that occasionlly they have 2 dogs that really need to be adopted out together. sometimes they are littermates, sometimes just "best buds. The saddest was a 15 year old father and 13 year old son that the owner got "tire dofwaiting for them to die" so gave them to resuce. I could choke that creep.!
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