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Hi all,
I hope this post will be a source of some encouragement to other golden puppy keepers like myself. There is a light at the end of the tunnel of housebreaking hardships. I feel like a just turned a corner, maybe a small one, but one that I really like!

My story:
Background: Stella Blue is now 4.5 months old now, weighs in now at 35 lbs and has had all of her shots (as of Wednesday). We are crate training her, and have a small gated backyard. She arrived here at 8 weeks old. The crate is located in the kitchen. This is our 2nd golden after 1st one went to the Rainbow bridge last year.

I believe in having a set schedule for puppy training, so I start with the one from the book, "Mother's Know Best" on puppy raising and modifiy it as she gets older. I do work from home but need time away from her to get my work done. I cannot have her in my office so I work around her naps.

Housebreaking: from day one, we have walked her on leash to a designated area that we have set up for her to "do her business" in. We have a temporary gate and fence around this rectangularly shaped area. We bring her there, close the gate, then give her the command "go hurry up". When she does this - we repeat the command and then praise, reward, and then out she goes. Up until yesturday, we had been letting her out every 1/2 hr when out of crate. Now she can go 1 hr when out of the crate. She sleeps 9 hrs at night, and is out of her crate now 7 - 8 hrs per day.

Finally, after 2 months of the housebreaking/leash routine - I open the back door, no leash, say "lets do your business" ....and she makes a mad dash to her pen (door is always left open), does it inside the area, then we praise and reward. (only close the door if it will be a poop) I still think that is amazing!!

Then, the best part - she can be all the way on the opposite side of the yard, and I can say "Stella, Come!" and she runs at full speed towards me and then the back door, where she gets a "cookie". I'm still amazed that she GETS IT!! When the training gets thru - it is wonderful to know that all the hard work, persistence really does pay off one day.

Disclaimer: I know we have a ways to go, and that there will be mistakes made - but I am cherishing these days as of late!!

Hope to hear about some more success stories!!


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