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Hi GRForumers,
Rishi is our 3-month old Golden Retriever puppy. He is our first pup and we got him when he was eight weeks old. He is, in general, a very well-behaved puppy. Recently however, he has started to misbehave whenever we take him out for potty. He usually signals that he has to go by jumping up on our kitchen window that looks out into the yard. The moment we take him out, he starts his tantrums. He starts to pulls his leash in a vigorous tug of war, growls, jumps, barks, and sometimes lunges to bite us. He does this for a few minutes before he finally decides to sniff his favorite corner to relieve himself.
We have tried several things. Calling him "bad boy" does not work (though he calms down on other situations). We have tried to "chill" him down to a sleep position, but he starts his tantrums the moment he is out. I tried once or twice to "play" his tug-of-war, but that only seems to encourage him.
Is Rishi's behavior normal. Should we do something about it? I would appreciate any help.

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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