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Trying to rescue .. Frustrated

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As many of you know I lost my beloved golden earlier this month and have been looking into rescue organizations so here are some issues I am having first off the cost is quite high though I understand the need to recoupe some cost but 300.00 seems extreme in this ecomony wouldn't they rather GR goes to a good home . Next I live in Indiana and have found only one place that has rescues I also don't understand why you can't adopt outside of your state . I also do not understand why you can't choose which golden you are intrested in one site goes as far as saying we will match GR based on your application I don't think so sounds fishy to me . Any help would be appreciated
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You should watch this site for Goldens needing rescue from Indiana shelters. I remember a few being in shelters needing to be rescued.

This is a Golden Mix, but check Petfinder Shelters.

Another mix, but oh so cute.

Meet Bill

I have to stop looking. Too many dogs in need. Breaks my heart. There is a senior in need, too. Says Golden Mix, but looks pretty Golden to me.
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