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Trouble with Going Out

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I posted a question about Peanut ,but not sure it posted. Peanut is 4.5 years old ,and acts like she lost all her smarts. She is a therapy dog has her CGCand as good as gold . The problem is when it is time to go out you would think she was at the races,it dosent matter if it is 5 min apart or longer .She has had surgery on her back leg once for her hip and on her knee .IM very careful with her so she doesnt hurt her self .Any ideals would be helpful. Sorry this is long but i need help, Thank you
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Rushing out the door or running around the yard once she is outside?
Does she know the "wait" command? If not, that is one you need to teach her now. "Wait" is different from "stay". Wait means "you wait where I tell you to, but I can release you from close up or far away". Stay means "you stay there and don't move until I come back to you and release you". I use wait ALL the time. One of the places I use it is at the back door. My dogs love to rush out the door all at once and have been known to run over me in the process. So they all have to sit and wait until I go out the door first, and then I release them. When I go up or down stairs, they have to wait either at the top or at the bottom until I reach where I am going and release them.

I really worked on this command a lot with them because we go up to my parents' lake house with my mom, who is 80. I am afraid that in their enthusiasm they will run her over and injure her.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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