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I do not remember what thread it was but someone mentioned that walking your dog is not exercise for the dog. Huh....I guess you definitely learn something new everyday on here! (which I love).

Anyways, I do not have access to my pup playing with other dogs (at least on a daily basis) and Lucky is not to impressed with playing fetch outside. We typically play "chase" outside. BUT I am not in near enough shape to keep that up for an hour!

I started doing some checking into doggie daycares. I ran into many that state they have treadmills for the dogs to run on. So my question is can a dog run on a treadmill at my house? If so is there anything I need to do for this (besides be there and supervise the whole time).

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Please remember I am very new to this. I am hoping this is not a terribly stupid question. :bowl::confused::bowl:

(By the way, Luck is still having issues with the loose stools so I have every intention of waiting until he is healthy before we start any form of daycare or exercise)

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