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As we start a new year, a new decade and new beginnings I find my thoughts transitioning for this upcoming year

Faelan (12) is developing that old dog breathing when excited (LP most likely; and I will not put him through the horror show that my Rowdy went through). But we still train, we still toss the bumper and he still goes on hikes. He went (and will continue to go) to Core Conditioning classes to help keep his muscles as strong as possible so we will hopefully have several more good years. I have noriced his feet seem to slip out more often on slippery surfaces so I will not trim his nails as often during the winter.

Towhee (almost 12) is the little engine that could, although I suspect her hearing and eyesight are beginning to fail. She sticks closer to me nowadays while outside although she may still be entered in Utility trials -- she will also begin senior conditioning.

Brady is actually coming into his own at 7 - I have high expectations for him when it comes to earning his UD -- who would have thought castrating him could help his confidence?

Aedan might well earn both his CDX and UD this year and then switch over to agility; I no longer have interest in training & competing in the B classes. And if I have no interest, I simply cannot imagine he would LOL

Finch -- this girl is starting to really show potential in obedience (she too will start agility as well). She has an upcoming breeding planned but rally is in her near future (RA) to help acclimate her to the whole ring experience.

I played with a few Rocky puppies yesterday -- the dreams and potential they awoke within me had me just a bit wistful. At 5 dogs to love, train & show I am at capacity but puppies are such a dream .

Anyway, anyone else reflecting back while looking forward as the new year begins?

Oh and Finch may begin field training as well with Mike ... this is another area I simply no longer have interest in but with her pedigree, she may be good -- or they (Mike & Barb) may let me concentrate on obedience and work her daughter Willi in field,

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I'm not even going to look at my 2018 goals, because everything dog trialing related went kablooey with real life stuff concerning family, dogs, and everything. It basically was like a shrapnel bomb going off right in front of me. There's pieces of that bomb still dug in and I don't think they will ever go away...

My general "big story" dog goals for 2019 =

Bertie - same thing as 2018. CDX legs and CH. I don't think I'll quit obedience unless he tells me he can't do it anymore, but am contemplating letting go of CH goal by the end of the year and focusing only on obedience.

Jovi - Am debating about whether I care enough to do Rally and BN (I don't care about the titles, but both are good opportunities to get a young dog out earlier) or if I just want to skip and focus on maybe entering his first Nov B trial in Sept. I have no idea where he will be for conformation goals right now, since he's slow growing.

More specific goals =

Jovi = Get him to stop jumping on me! Drives me nuts. :bowl:
^^^^^ Hahahahahahahahahahaha, I'm laughing a little because I had not foreseen the addition of another baby this year. That and the continuation of the shrapnel of grief from 2018 kept me from doing very much in obedience for Bertie and Jovi. And then I had the combination of not having much heart for conformation + 2019 judges were AWFUL on the VERY RARE occasion when we had majors (Bert just needs 1 major to finish). Most shows numbers were too low to show him. :(

I did do BN with Jovi because I wanted to see where he was at since we had skipped most fun matches and trained alone (literally alone + privates every other week) for the most part. I was pretty happy with his degree of focus out there in the obedience ring. I think he could have gotten his CD before the end of the year, but we'd run out of trials to enter by that point.

Which is OK - fwiw, because two things I want to work on with him before we go for novice is reinforce fronts and finishes so we don't lose points on either.

Rough plan is getting him in his first trial in April, again in June, and again in July. And then focus on CDX polishing or maybe enter his first trial by Sept. He will only be 2, so getting his CD next year and just focusing on training would be fine for me too. He'd get his CD earlier than any of my prior dogs who got that done when they were 3.5 years old. That's the benefit of the stays being dumbed down, have to admit. :D

Jovi got his first point and a bunch of reserves in conformation. And that was a year with a lot of really "eh" judges at most shows. So that's a big deal. :) <= not completely sure if he's ready to be shown as an open dog at big shows, so we are starting in Am bred and ease into open as soon as he's showing every sign of not being silly in the ring. :)

Bertie is retired from conformation and gets to just do obedience or just be my favorite sweetie. No pressure on him. CDX legs and title would be something wonderful to retire from obedience with. But I'm just as happy that he's happy and healthy and clearly worships running and playing with his two sons.

Glee - I'm waiting for him to grow a brain??? :D D:D

Do not think he can get a BN next year as he's a lot more wild and unpredictable than his brother. If he does calm down and get his BN - yay. That'd be great. He's currently roughly training for everything from CD to utility level. But he's the type of dog who tries very hard to be right - and gets wilder and more frenzied the more tries. Heeling with him is like heeling with a rabbit - it's jump-jump-jump every step. LOL.

I think he will look exactly like his brother (I'm already having to look twice and squint to tell them apart), so he should be OK in conformation - except he has to learn how to trot SLOW. He's a wild man like his dad was at the same age and if that follows, between 12 months and 30 months I'll have to jog him around to tire him out a little before showing him.
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