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Hello all! Your forums have been rather helpful and encouraging! I just got Lucky four weeks ago! He is 9 months old! He is starting dog school soon and so far his adjustment to the new house is going pretty good.

My question if someone could help: Is it better to work on one trick or behavior at a time until they sucessfully understand it? He knows sit, lay and he knows shake (semi, really he shakes everytime your hand goes down when he is sitting), he also knows high five. So should I only work on him shaking when we say it or is it ok to work on drop the ball when he is fetching etc etc?

Thanks for your help! I enjoy reading all of your posts and seeing your beautiful dogs!
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That is great! Thanks! I was worried we would be confusing him with too many different tricks! But that makes COMPLETE sense!
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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