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I always think I know better, but I don't. Though it's been in the back of my mind for years, only yesterday did it actually occur to me that we've been living with a bunch of houseplants that are toxic to Cara, as well as to our late first dog, Jodie. Neither dog showed any interest in the philodendrens in a few rooms, nor the attractive peace lily. As a pup, I do remember Cara poking at the peace lily's leaves a bit, but never eating any. Outdoors, the dogs were always under control, but toxicity abounds there too.

Yesterday I was given a seven foot corn plant by a neighbor who is moving. I immediately went online to check things out and discovered that it, too, is toxic. I have placed it in a corner of the living room that is not readily accessible to Cara. She sniffed it when we brought it in, but then lost interest and hasn't returned. I later sprayed it with Bitter Apple.

I was wondering how likely it is for a dog who hasn't shown any interest in plants in the past to suddenly start? The plants aren't sitting by her food bowls nor where she sleeps, nor even in the room we usually sit in together. She's been regarding the plants as furniture since we've had her (she's now 3-1/2). May I keep things status quo or am I pushing my luck? What do you say?

Thanks and happy holidays!
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