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Toronto - unofficial meet @ Doggie Central tomorrow night!

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There is a 'Pack Party' for Golden Retrievers on Wednesday October 7th (tomorrow night!) from 7-9pm at Doggie Central

Are any of the Southern Ontario members going to be heading out? I'd love to take Molson and Skoker!

I e-mailed Doggie Central and they do have some more spaces available, but for those attending, you do need to call ahead of time to book it.

Doggie Central - The Dog's Park
3151 Lenworth Drive
Mississauga, ON

$15 per dog
games - prizes - & more

RSVP: 416.412.7771 or [email protected]
Limited spaces available
payment required at time of booking to reserve your spot
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We would love to go, but tommorow is not a good night for us.

I wish they had it on the weekend. I was so excited when I first got the email from them.
Aw! I was hoping to see Yogi again! I also think a weekend would have been better for it.

Hopefully we'll see you in a few weeks anyway at the GRF meet!
Did you end up going to this Steph?? How was it?
There would have been a lot of blonde fur to vacuum up.

Yes, Stephanie and her mother came and Noah and I were there, I think there were 16 Golden's in all...Golden heaven. The dogs had a blast and Noah came home one sleepy pup.
Molson must have been exhausted too, he was a busy boy and he made a new best friend with his double, same colour collar and everything , I confused them a few times.
It was good fun.
Hey Melissa! As Diane said above, we were there! It was great, the dogs had a fantastic time and Molson was passed out in the backseat before we even hit the highway to come home :D

Each one was really well behaved (ok so Molson may have peed on the agility tunnel.... twice, in the first 10 minutes we were there), and ranged in ages from about 7 months (Noah) to probably 8 or 9 years old. I recruited a new member to GRF too! :)

I took some pictures, although they didn't turn out so great with the lighting in there, but I'll post some later today!

Molson did have a twin there, named Jackson! Looked identical to each other - same face, colour, height, collar. The only way I could tell them apart was to look at their bums, because Molson doesn't have quite as much feathering! :)

The venue will make for a perfect GRF meet over the winter months!
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