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So I have been obsessing on a couple of things that Sam has been doing lately that drive me crazy. While I was discussing these things with him :eek: I realized that one the best things about him was the fact that he will sit & listen like he understands everything I'm saying...Anyhow this got me thinking about his best & worst traits. I thought it would be fun to see how many traits our furbabies have in common!

1) Listens to me - he's my therapy dog :smooch:
2) Is well behaved around my boys, have never licked or nipped anyone - even allows the 18 month old to use him as a step stool...
3) Has never jumped on anyone or on our furniture. We didn't train this, he's just never done it!
4) Has an AWESOME recall - we worked hard at it!
5) Loves everyone he meets

1) Gets carsick - really carsick - even just around the block...
2) Bad leash puller - poorly trained by his humans
3) Has one spot in the grass that he loves to dig. He'll drop his toys in the hole he dug & then "dig" them out again!
4) Has a hard time calming down around adult guests - is great with the kids' friends, but not adults!
5) Eats his own hair...I have to be careful to pick up every little clump when I'm brushing him or he'll gulp it down...EEEWWW! :yuck:

Missing Selka So Much
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Good idea!

1)is always here for me to cry on, cuddle with , depend on.
2) loves everyone, is the total golden personality
3) barks when it's important, warns us if someone or something is around
4) is SO smart! We have to spell around him. I sometimes think he's human except for his one fault(see below)
5) an obedience genius. He would be a champion except for me.: (

Only one: He eats Gunner's poop. EEEUUW!

1) He is my funny silly boy!
2) He loves everyone especially kids. He makes a roo crying noise around them.
3)He minds me so well and loves to please me.
4)Lives to retrieve.and loves being outdoors.
5)He would do anything for me.

1) He eats Selka's poop
2) Not his fault but he has major anxiety issues.which include:
3) Terrified of thunderstorms and fireworks, therefore I get no sleep.
4) He doesn't like strange dogs: he has fear/anxiety aggression. Limits where we can go/do
5) He is super sensitive, we have to be careful when speaking/tone He'll think we are mad at him. You'd think he'd been abused but he hasn't, ever. We've had him since he was 8 weeks old.

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1. He's very good at controlling his energy level in the house regardless of how much exercise he's been given that day.
2. He sits great to be pet and loves to look at you while you talk to him.
3. I could be gone for 2 minutes and he acts like he hasn't seen me in 2 years.
4. How gentle he is with children and elders.
5. Like Sam, Vito never jumps when greeting.

1. He grabs people's clothing when he meets someone new.
2. He freaks out when he meets new people (we are working on this)
3. He rips up grass when he gets excited.
4. He also eats his own hair!!
5. Sometimes he gets really dog distracted.

Now Caue's Dad Too!
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Great idea for a thread!

Oakly's Best Traits:
1. Big time snuggler
2. Good recall
3. Quiet
4. Playful
5. Bunny soft coat

Oakly's Worst Traits:
1. Very wimpy
2. Likes to get his own way
3. Can beat me in a staring contest
4. Snarls at his baby brother sometimes
5. Dries very very very slowly

Caue's Best Traits:
1. Big time snuggler
2. Makes me laugh all the time
3. Good recall
4. Goofy
5. Loves everybody

Caue's Worst Traits:
1. Bites everybody he meets (Soft bites)
2. Pulls like a sled dog on leash
3. Loves the sound of his own voice
4. Hogs the bed
5. Chases the cat

Molly's human Mom
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  1. Friendly:D
  2. Very affectionate:smooch:
  3. Great with kids:)
  4. Is protective...just enough;)
  5. She's beautiful:smooch:

  1. Friendly:mad:
  2. Very affectionate:yuck:
  3. A little more stubborn than I like:mad:
  4. Loves to run and dig in the mud:no:
  5. Picky eater:mad:

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This is a good idea. Here are Neo's best and worst 5 traits.

Best 5

1. Loves to snuggle on the couch with you.
2. Only barks when there is a reason.
3. Great at being left alone even though he is still a pup.
4. Loves children and is so gentle around them.
5. Is super friendly even to strangers.

Worst 5

1. Has the worst gas ever.
2. Loves to snuggle on the couch with you (yeah it can be a bad thing at times)
3. Is a counter surfer.
4. Will tear up the garbage if left alone.
5. With me he is a bad puller on the leash.

Mom to Fyodor & Gibson
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BEST 5 + 1
1. Is a sweet and affectionate Mama's boy.
2. Makes you feel special. Will make Chewbacca/roo roo sounds with visitors or when DH or I come home.
3. Settles nicely. Is a mellow, easy puppy overall.
4. Has an AWESOME, reliable recall.
5. Gets along well with dogs of all sizes. For a puppy, he's pretty good about reading other dogs' energy level and personality.
6. LOVES children and is gentle with them.

WORST 5 - 1
1. Can be too soft and sensitive, but weirdly enough, super stubborn at the same time.
2. Isn't very food motivated, which makes training almost impossible.
3. Doesn't like to learn new things. Only wants to play games that doesn't involve thinking.
4. Isn't a very enthusiastic retriever.

#2 can be frustrating when we're around other dogs, since I can't get him to focus using treats, but in a way, I'm secretly happy about #2 and #3 because it provides me a good excuse to get lazy with his training.

Angel Gage's Grandma
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Tia's best:

1. Lives to retrieve
2. Very sweet girl
3. Loves Julia to pieces
4. Doesn't bother Mila (who likes her space)
5. Is a good watch dog, very alert

Tia's worst:

1. She's a bed hog.
2. She's very easily frightened.
3. Likes to antagonize the mean dog in the yard behind us.
4. Doesn't walk well on leash (needs to go to school)
5. Likes to crash in the middle of the kitchen when I'm cooking

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Rusty's Best :
1 Super super sweet.
2 Very smart/obedient
3 Gentle with children
4 Great snuggler.. has to be touching one of us
5 Cutest Roo Rooer

His Worst
1 Tries to raid the trash ( just started )
2 Eats sticks and cat poop.
3 Fearfull barking at some strange men that give direct eye contact or reach out for him suddenly
4 Pulls on leash when he is excited
5 Steals anything he can of ours and stashes it in his crate and lays on the pile!

Penny's Best
1 Loves everybody and every thing
2 Curls up with me on my chair like a cat ( she is 52#s )
3 Plays independently
4 Gentle with children
5 Greets with cries, grunts and wiggles.. too cute!

Her Worst

1 STILL jumps when excited
2 Still will pull now and then on leash
3 Harder for her to stop barking... I have them stop barking after I "check things out "
4 Will try to poke you in the eye with her nose now and then as a greeting!
5 Will try to dig in the yard, or eat rocks and sticks if I am not watching.

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Sam's Best:
1. Snuggliest dog EVER
2. Always has that typical Golden smiley face on
3. Always happy go lucky attitude
4. Loves to play
5. Makes the funniest and cutest noises when we're cuddling

Sam's Worst:
1. Has selective hearing
2. Can be very annoying to Dillon sometimes (constant face grooming, etc)
3. Barks at people/dogs that walk by our yard
4. Will generally only respond to commands when he knows a food reward is involved
5. Wakes up EARLY haha

Dillon's Best:
1. Sweetest disposition ever on a dog
2. Quiet and mellow personality
3. Listens well
4. Is the most tolerant big brother for Sammy
5. Loves to sleep in late!!

Dillon's worst: (this was hard, he's such a good boy)
1. Likes to tear limbs from stuffed animals, rip sting out of rope toys, etc
2. Is a little too interested in cats on walks and sometimes pulls HARD towards them
.... that's really all I can think of. :)

Social Therapy Dog
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Wow, I really am loving this thread! Funny how similar some of these traits are!

Ambers Best:
1. Just wants to please, to an exceptional level of obedience, and be with her daddy
2. Has an uncanny ability to sense or read peoples emotions and feelings and will attempt to "help" if she can
3. Is so wonderful with children and feels she MUST be with them when she hears/sees them in the neighborhood
4. Does not have a mean bone in her body and is a deflector when other dogs try to start a problem
5. Very intelligent and loves to be mentally stimulated and challenged to problem solve.

Ambers Worst:
1. When around humans, wants/needs constant contact, particuarly with her daddy
2. Needs a high amount of physical exercise on a daily basis, although it's on an even level as shes not hyper, just needs longer off leash hikes to tire
3. Wind noise outside the house(we live on top of a hill) "Bothers" her to the point she just wants to snuggle when it occurs.
4. Very spoiled by her humans when it comes to treats, will only eat very select treats such as chicken jerky, will never eat biscuts or the like
5. Feels she needs to "roughhouse" with dad once each night and while it's ONLY with dad, she will go out of her way to be sure dad(me) will wrestle with her to the point of not letting me alone until I do.

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This is a great idea for a thread!! I know we all love to talk about our dogs (or why else would we be here?? lol!)
1. Happiest dog you will ever meet!
2. Will do anything he can to please me.
3. Quick learner, picked up "gimmie 5" in about 3 minutes!
4. So very gentle with kids and puppies and small dogs.
5. Is such a good listener and will come to me anytime I ask on or off leash.

1. Gets bored easily
2. HATES to go in the back yard without me.
3. Jumps up INTO the window (yes, my 115 pound golden sits on the windowframe like a cat)
4. Is a 115 pounds! (Not fat at all, just big, tall and built like a MAC truck. *eyeroll*
5. Barks at guests at the front door and has a hard time walking noce on the leash.

1. Is the most adorable puppy I have ever met! *owner bias, I know!*
2. Is 12 weeks ( almost) and is already potty trained and knows basic commands.
3. Doesn't have a single issue with his kennel...never once whined in it from the first day I got him
4. still has puppy breath
5. LOVES to go for walks.

1. I got nothin'

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Shelley's best

1.easy to train
2.Likes to cuddle
3.doesn't need to pee every 5 minutes
4.loves food very easy to feed actually to easy
5.easy to brush

Shelley's worst 5+1

1.likes to body slam Einstein which hurts him
2.eats poo dog,cat,bird
3.eats used bandaids,sticks,pegs,leaves,some plants
4.paw at Rascal the chihuahua which annoys and hurts him
5.has no focuss on humans
6.Loves kids to much

Einsteins best

1.easy to train
2.pays more attention to humans
3.easy to feed
4.ignores my niece
5.loves to cuddle

Einstein worst

1.loves to pee on everything on our walks
thats all

Mom to Bailey & Burgundy
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Bailey's Best:
1. Super-friendly to everyone who comes over, she cries and cries and makes everyone feel like they're the most important person on earth :)
2. Great Snuggler (when Burg isn't hogging me)
3. Has the most playful personality
4. Has a great sense of humour...I laugh at her all the time and she loves it...I swear she just "gets it"
5. Gives me kisses everyday

1. Barks at everyone/everything that moves, if she can see them from our yard...
2. Doesn't come inside in the morning without a good game of "try to catch me mom..." (I KNOW...totally my fault...)
3. Doesn't know when to stop trying to get Burg to play with her - she can get super annoying...
4. Digs in the mud everytime it's raining...yucky to clean up!!
5. Tries to pull stuffing out of everything - including our bedding

Burgundy's Best:
1. The sweetest personality you could imagine, wouldn't hurt a fly
2. So tolerant of Bailey's constant abuse towards her
3. Loves to cuddle, always makes me feel better if I'm feeling blue
4. Always comes when called, and is always eager to listen and please
5. Helps Bailey keep clean...Bailey has never been so clean since Burg came into our lives.

1. Is super-anxious about new noises
2. Once scared, she plants herself in the ground, making it very difficult to move her!!
3. Always poops in exactly the same spot, requiring us to pick it up after EVERY poop, or she will step in it the next time she's out :doh:
4. ...I really can't think of anything else...she's an angel...

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Asha's Best

1. adorable face- eyes that melt me as she looks up at me
2. love to be photographed
3. well mannered, willing to please
4.gentle with children
5.wonderful swimmer

Asha's worst

1.can be demanding for attention -loves to be patted and scratched
2. can have a mind of her own and leads me towards the beach on our walks
3. occasionally tears the stuffing out of her stuffed toys
4. tends to scratch and bite herself at times- allergy related
5. scavenger at the beach

Hudson's best

1. A truly gentle soul, willing to please
2. quitely wants to be by my side
3. stands and looks really regal
4. loves all puppies large and small
5. never demanding

Hudson's worst

1. rolling in smelly stuff
2. not a water lover and tends to sneak of to scavenge
3. slow eater was really finicky when younger
4. digging in the garden- as he is getting older only special spots, especially digs when I go away
5. very laid back , sometimes wish he would have more emotion and excitement

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Our Riley

Riley is our second golden and just shy of 4 months, but his personality is starting to come around...

Great Traits
1. Loves to cuddle on feet (I think he has a foot fetish:D)
2. (finally) goes to the back door when he needs to go out
3. Sleeps through the night without a peep
4. Plays with toys by himself
5. Hysterical to watch when he's chasing a gallon empty milk jug across the frozen yard...

Not So Great Traits
1. Barks for my husband to get out of bed after I leave in the morning (I think this is funny;))
2. Cuddles on my feet at the worst times or place (I usually trip on him in the kitchen)
3. Pees on himself (can't wait for him to lift his leg)
4. Doesn't want to go do his business without me (I'm breaking him slowly)
5. Those sharp baby teeth...ouch!!!

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Nice thread!

Bailey's Best

1. Loves everybody but loves me the best:)
2. Adores kids
3. Leans against me to let me know she's there
4. Loves to sleep in as much as me
5. Excellent co-pilot and doesn't complain when I sing and the car:p:

Bailey's worst

1. Power licker will wash any kids face for free and with conviction!
2. Steps on your toes when greeting you (hurts big time)
3. Lets Charlie sit on her head
4. Rolls in deer poop any chance she gets
5. Chases crows and hurts her bad knee everytime

Charlie's Best

1. so gosh darned cute
2. Loves to lay on my foot when having a nap
3. Very gentle with kids for being so young
4. Loves her Mommy
5. soft fuzzy coat

Charlie's Worst

1. demanding(it's all about her)
2. Sits on Bailey's head
3. Barks to be let into our bed,when I'm on the phone,when she wants to eat the list goes on and on:mad:
4. Is a very bad co-pilot,saves her most ear piercing bark when I am trying to order my coffee at Tim Hortons drive thru:mad::mad::mad:
5. Rips apart all of Bailey's beloved stuffies

Old Gold is the Best Gold
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Rigby's Best:

1) Soulful, intune, and very much my heartdog
2) Clean- never smells, never gets dirty, never tracks anything in, hardly sheds
3) Calm- never jumps, pulls, acts hyper, wiggles, or acts stupid, ever
4) Beautiful- poses like for artwork no matter what he is doing, gorgeous type
5) Obedient, silent, never barks, never needs a leash, has common sense, can go ANYWHERE from NYC to the wildnerness of Montana, push button dog

Rigby's worst:

1) He's 11- he won't live forever
2) He gets so upset when I leave for more than a short time... I hate that (for him)
3) Um... he farts when he eats ham
4) He has long quicks in his nails, so it's hard to keep them super short (this is hard, man, he's perfect)
5) Um... let's see... I'm sure there's something else. Really. Oh. He doesn't play fetch.

Epic's Best:

1) He's sweet. He likes to cuddle and be close, including with even strangers- but he's not pushy or stupid with strangers, and he's definitely VERY mine and loyal
2) Playful- unlike most Whippets, he likes water, toys, retrieving, and so forth
3) He's very clean, low shedding, etc. Not dignified like Rigby, but very clean, as are all Whippets pretty much
4) He never barks, pulls on the leash, etc (again, he's a Whippet)
5) He's handsome- big deep chest, beautiful extreme but sound rear angles, huge doe eyes

Epic's worst:

1) He's rough in play- he's dog park proof, but this means poorly socialized or wimpy dogs are sometimes wary of his bold invites to play
2) He can escape the yard- which sucks
3) He's very attached to me, again this is typical of Whippets. He won't go for a walk with Ian, etc
4) He loves kids SO much... that it's annoying
5) He isn't always a good eater- also annoying

Francine's best:

1) Her pretty coat and general attractiveness
2) Calm, quiet, and doesn't wrestle/act stupid, but does play ball gently, etc
3) NEVER barks, ever
4) Doesn't care about strangers/ignores people, but is NOT shy
5) VERY obedient with little training- never needs a leash, walks right by my side

Francine's worst:

1) Drips water when she drinks
2) Wiggles/acts dumb around people she knows well
3) Loves dirt and mud
4) Sheds and pants in your face
5) Destructive- probably will never be able to be loose indoors until she's middle aged

Daisy - my heart
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Daisy's best:
  1. Fun to hang out with at the lake
  2. Easy to live with
  3. Patient
  4. Loves everybody
  5. Trustworthy
Daisy's worst:
  1. Doesn't like to cuddle
  2. Chases cats
  3. Wants to eat small dogs
  4. Does not comprehend 30 below zero
  5. Jumps on the front door when I'm slow coming in

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Willow's best.

1. She is a little star at obedience classes.
2. She has the best smile.
3. Very playful and keen to learn.
4. She brings out a more playful side of Diesel.
5. She has a cute little wiggle-dance that always makes me laugh.

Willow's worst.

1, Begging for food.
2. Stealing socks/underwear.
3. Excited barking at other dogs.
4. Very high energy.
5. Likes to grab Diesel's hind legs to trip him up!

Diesel's best.

1. I couldn't wish for a more loving dog to me and my family.
2. Never strays too far from me.
3. Loves the car.
4. He makes a great pillow!
5. He doesn't chew or destroy stuff.

Diesel's worst.

1. He hates strangers staring at him and speaking baby talk. Makes him bark.
2. He is obsessed with my cousin's dog, Sasha. Even saying her name makes him loopy.
3. He is very clever but lazy at obedience.
4. Not food or toy movitated at all.
5. Picky eater.
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