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Some background first, I have a rescue dog who's approx 15 months old. Not sure exactly what he is - his rescue had him as a golden retriever/labrador cross, though some people think he's more like a flat-coated retriever. His build and head are much more like a golden retriever. In fact, he looks like really similar to a golden - except he's black! I was hoping a golden cross is enough to post in these forums...:)

Anyway, I was wondering how much exercise is too much for my dog. He's a very calm dog (and has been since I rescued him 6 months ago) so he might be a little atypical of some goldens. We go for a 20 - 45 min walk in the morning (around 1.5 - 2 miles), a 2 mile run at noon, and usually 2-3 quick walks after work (15 - 30 mins each). 1-2 a week we go to the off leash park (on a 30 ft leash) and he gets group walks once every two weeks.

During the day Ranger stays with me at work and has unlimited play sessions with my brother's 6 month old puppy. They go outside and tear around or stay in and wrestle. Ranger also delivers file folders to people at work to keep his mind active and we'll do quick obedience sessions outside.

I was wondering if this might be too much exercise for him though. I walk/run for my benefit and love having him along. Usually at the end of the day, around 7:00pm, Ranger disappears into the bedroom to sleep and I don't see him again for the rest of the night until he gets let out for his last pee break.

I was reading an article saying that by the end of the day your dog should be lightly dozing at your side. If he's running around looking for something to play with, he hasn't had enough exercise. If he's dead asleep, he's had too much. Besides going to bed - Ranger doesn't seem tired. Even if he's asleep and hears me with his leash, he's ready to go for another walk.

So too much exercise? He's at a healthy weight and is in great physical health...I'm just worried maybe I'm overdoing it?


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First, welcome to GRF. You are more than welcome to post here. In fact we have several golden mixes here on the forum. So please make yourself at home here.

That sounds like a lot of exercise but as long as he is eager for more I'm sure you will be fine.

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It sounds like he is getting plenty of exericise, which is great. However, you do want to avoid running him on hard surfaces until he is at least 18 months old. Up until that age, their growth plates are still open and the impact of running on pavement or any other hard surface can have a negative impact on his joints. Other than that, I think he is getting just the right amount of exercise!
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