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To spay/nuter or not to spay/nuter?

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Great post Tilly and Emma.

"Let’s get started with some data of how cancer affects our breed.
Approximately 60% of all Goldens will die from cancer. By gender,​
it’s 57% of females and 66% of males."

"several recent studies have suggested a possibly improved overal cancer risk profile for dogs of both sexes that have been permitted to mature with their natural hormones." This was on Rotties but goldens are at risk for cancer also. what is said here is almost word for word what is said on the grca link. articles/Early SN and Behavior.pdf Behavior issues to dogs that have been castrated early.
With regard to creating a healthier pet, there are both positive and negative affects"

It goes on to say that the benefits out way the risk but that is because everyone is on board against pet over population.

IMO, castration should be decided for each dog as an individual by the owner following the contract they have with their breeder and a discussion on health with a trusted vet.
In the case of shelter or rescue dogs they need to be either under a contract to castrate or if older already castrated before going into their forever homes.


Harleys Dad
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Harley a 15 month old intact male showing all positive reasons that neutering is not necessary to have a dog exhibit good behavior, even with other intact males. My breeder who has earned respect from me asked that I not neuter Harley until at least 2 years old. I have always neutered my males very early but with more and more articles published about growth (pro and con) issues and being observant to other dogs that have been altered early I am of the opinion that neutering can affect the growth potential of a dog..........If there are other issues that make neutering necessary that's a different topic. but just because your vet tells you to do it is rubbish. I never use dog parks, he has no issues with other animals, Harley is very content making love to his stuffed Rottweiler and nothing else, marking is very limited and he is growing to very nice proportions. Neuter? possibly after he has grown a little more. Having Rotties for 35 years I didn't realize you can't tell a neutered Golden without looking.
Another observation, where do you find the best representitives of the breed standard, generally in perfect health, usually perfect temperment, and always intact............the ring.
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