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Farley (11wks) has been with us for a month. Fergus (2yrs) loves his little brother.

BUT it seems that Fergus isn't his old self he seems to be sad or maybe he is just tired? I'm not sure. Kaye and I have talked about this and before the pup all the Fergus "play energy" was directed at us now the pup gets all that attention.

We actually have to put the pup in his crate to give Fergus some time off or the pup will pester him to death. We can tell because Fergus will make a sound while playing with the pup that seems to us like he is complaining about having to entertain his brother.

I think as Farley gets a little older Fergus may be ok with telling him off but at this stage Fergus is so gentle with Farley, he just won't back off.


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