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Tips to keep dog occupied

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Hi All,

I have recently rescued a Golden Retriever and she seems to be settling in quite well apart from the odd accident every now and again. Once, maybe twice a week she will be left alone for about 12 hours and i was wondering whether anyone had any tips or toys they could recommend in order to keep her entertained whilst im out.

I plan on taking her for an hour long walk/run before i go out and im going to leave the radio on during the day, then another walk when i get home.

Thanks for any advice

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It would be asking alot of most dog to 'hold-it' for 12 hours....even if only occasionally...
Is there any way you can have someone let her out to potty at least once on your long days? Dog walker, family member or neighbor?
If she has an accident on a 12 hour day....the scent will stay in the house...and before you know it she will be having accidents even on shorter days...
The extra exercise on longer days is nice....just be sure to give her extra time to 'go' after your run...for some (like my Trace)....running = extra toiletting.

As to things to keep her amused....
Chew toys (if she is not the type of chewer that will break off chunks and choke on them)...
Food puzzles...(although what goes in must come out....not good if you will be away for a long day...)
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