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Tips for taking great dog photos

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This is from an Orvis email I got:

Have patience.
Getting the shot exactly right will take some time. Don't plan on
getting it with the first click. If your dog isn't cooperating, take a
break and try again later. Taking the time to capture the true
personality of your dog will result in a shot you'll be proud of.

Tell a story.
Think about the location, what your dog is doing, and whom he or she is
with. All these factors can add up to create an image that's so much
more than just a simple snapshot.

Compose your shot.
Experiment with the rule of thirds, i.e., divide your viewfinder into 3
horizontal zones. There's no need to always center your dog in the shot.
Keep your background simple and clean in order to place the emphasis on
your dog.

Light your subject.
Turn off the flash. Flashes can be distracting to dogs and can often
result in a blown-out, overlit look. Natural light is always the better
option, plus it eliminates the chance of red eye.

Get on their level, and get close.
By getting low and close, you're able to capture subtle expressions you
may miss if you were simply standing over your dog.
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Thanks for posting those. They are all great advice. Many I've heard before but it is always good to have a reminder.
As if Rob needed a reminder ... His photos are always outstanding!
Thanks for posting this, though -- many of us aren't aren't as gifted, and this will sure be a help.
Great post! I would also add to perhaps turn your camera onto its sports mode if the lighting will allow it. Also, plan some shots and pre-focus on where you expect your dog will be (like in the air catching a ball) and hold the button down half-way. That way you won't catch your dog coming down from the great catch because the camera had to focus and get ready. Gosh, those are such layman's terms because I don't remember all my F-stop and ISO speed stuff!:D

My camera also has a macro mode, which allows for extreme close-ups, with a nice blurred background. This is a nice feature, especially if your dog will hold still!
I am sooooo happy my new camera will be arriving. It's been soooo long since I've been able to take photos of my crew. If it hadn't been for Angel Kody and an upcoming event we are attending, I may not have gotten this camera at all.

Thank you for the tips!
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