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Tick Prevention?

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Here in Central Massachusetts, we seem to have a limitless supply of ticks in the woods we use for walking Mia. Since joining our family about 6 weeks ago, we have taken at least 8 and maybe up to a dozen ticks off of her after walks. Some have just been wandering on her body; others had already implanted. We check her after every walk and are sure to get them off of her, but have not started using any preventative medication as her breeder really felt like the choices were essentially poison and quite strong.

Are folks using these medications as a matter of course or is it enough to get the ticks off as they appear? Fleas are not an issue for us, but I am of course concerned about Lymes. On the other hand, using a poison seems contrary to my concerns about cancer and Goldens, so it seems to be a bit of a no-win situation.

Thoughts and advice please.

Thank you.
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IMO Frontline is worthless for fleas, but if they are not an issue, it is supposed to be a good product for ticks.

Down here I have to use Advantix all year because fleas are the issue in Florida.

If I was in New England, I would vac my dogs against lyme, test them often, and use Frontline as well as brushing out and checking after every walk.

If you didn't know, the ticks' favorite spots are in the ears and between the toes!
I use Advantix regularly for ticks up here. Studies have actually shown that dogs on flea/tick preventative have a lower incidence of cancer, leading some to believe that there may be a connection between tick disease and some cancers.

And remember that Lyme is only one of the tick borne diseases that dogs can get, and is actually probably one of the milder TBD's.
I use Frontline Plus and it has done a very good job keeping of keeping both ticks AND fleas away.
We have super psycho fleas in Florida!
We are in New England as well and live in a fairly woodsy area. We started using Vectra 3D this year and haven't seen a single flea or tick on either of our dogs. It came highly recommended by our vet and we have been very happy with it.
And no one has concerns about the strength of these medications and their essential composition as a topical poison?

Are folks in New England using the Lyme vaccine as well? I hear mixed reviews...
Nope-doesn't bother me a bit and bothers me a whole lot less than the tick borne diseases that are out there.

Wisconsin is a hotbed for ticks and TBD's, but I do not use the vaccination.
And no one has concerns about the strength of these medications and their essential composition as a topical poison?

Are folks in New England using the Lyme vaccine as well? I hear mixed reviews...

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OK. I am sold on tick prevention. So, now what brand seems to be best?
I like Advantix, but it can't be used if you have cats. It gets fleas and ticks, but I really only worry about ticks. I haven't had a flea problem in years (knock on wood!)

Frontline used to work really well, but it seems as if the ticks have built up some resistance to it.
Wow, just when I thought I could site back and enjoy dog ownership again, another research issue! I spent a big chunk of time figuring out what food to switch Mia to (finally settled on and am happy with Orijen Adult). Now I have to sort out tick prevention!

It seems there are three main choices: Frontline Plus, Advantix, and Vectra 3D. Lots written on the internet about all three. Basic story seems to be that Frontline is becoming less effective and that Vectra has caused some major skin burns etc. Other people seem perfectly happy with them.

I am interested in how folks reached a decision on a tick prevention product and if they use it all year, even in New England? Mia has had a big bunch of ticks implant (and then removed by me) since joining us 6 weeks ago. I assume she is OK, but am also wondering if I should have her tested. My sense is that one needs to watch for symptoms and that attached ticks do not instantly mean TBD.

All help and comments will be appreciated.
I am in Wisconsin and do not use the flea/tick prevention once we start getting snow, because the dogs and I are not out in the woods/fields then.

One cause of skin burns is, I think, due to not reading the directions that come with the product. Advantix is to be spread out down the dog's neck and back, not all in one place. And some dogs do have very sensitive skin.

If you have been pulling embedded ticks off Mia, I would definitely run a Snap 4 on her. I am not 100% on the timing but would probably test about 3-4 months after exposure.

Many dogs are asymptomatic until the disease is chronic,so waiting for symptoms is not a good idea. Goldens seem to be especially prone to Lyme nephritis, without showing early symptoms.

The Snap4 will tell if your dog has an active Lyme disease. If she does, the next step is to run a C6, which will quantify the disease for you. A C6 score of less than 30 is not usually treated but watched. Anything over 30 should be treated, symptoms or no symptoms.

I have had the unfortunate experience of having every one of my dogs who has ever had a tick on them, come down with Lyme Disease :( but again, this is Wisconsin and Lyme is rampant here.
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I use Frontline Plus and quit using it as soon as we have a hard DEEP freeze. I start back up when it starts getting warmer.

It's worked really well for Tysen.
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