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thyroid - puppy question

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I was petting Scouts neck this morning and he has a hardish lump in his neck. Now I have a thyroid cyst...and that is what I would compare it too, but I'm not eve sure if this is the same location. It's about the size of a small walnut maybe...if this is what I'm feeling and it's just not a part of his body.

Because he has this stupid puppy I'm a little more worried. Calling the vet monday.

He acts 100% fine. The only thing is he eats like he is starving all the time, has from the start, could he have a thyroid issue? I just noticed the bump this morning because he was doing that hic-up thing and I decided to rub his neck to help him out.
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Is it on the back of his neck, or the front? If it is on the back (shoulders) I would think about a vacination site.

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