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Hello. I just wanted some opinions about getting a pup from a bitch that has not passed a thyroid clearance. From what I understand, thyroid is not a required clearance and if a dog has an issue with it, it is manageable through medication.

The breeder has a bitch with all required clearances passed, but decided to do the thyroid test and came back with "compensative autoimmune thyroiditis". No other dogs in the lines have thyroid clearances on OFA. The sire does not have thyroid clearance listed, but has all other required clearances. I prefer not to reveal the breeder's name and information on the dogs in case they happen to use this forum as well, as I don't want to tarnish their reputation or anything.

The breeder reached out to other reputable breeders for their opinions on breeding with the result. The dam's own breeder was alright with her being bred with this result, even though it would clearly trace back to her own dogs that are still being bred. A couple were iffy about it, but didn't seem to think it would be the end of the world. Some said they wouldn't. A couple of others, including one that has been around for a long time and is extremely reputable in the golden world said that it shouldn't be a problem.

Given this information, and from what I've read, I am confused about whether it is acceptable to breed a dog with this result. Seems like there are a lot of different opinions on the matter. I wouldn't necessarily give the breeder a bad review or not recommend them for breeding the dog, especially if other reputable breeders aren't concerned about it.

How many breeders are actually doing thyroid clearances? How serious are thyroid problems?

I appreciate thoughts, opinions, and advice!
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