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Oh goodness! That is just priceless.

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pefectly possible to have a golden gaurd dog mine was trained to do just that he might not bite but the bark is enough to see any one off and he did just that on more than one person that decided our site was interesting was enough to take a second look at which i might add ws in the bottom of a quarry working nights so i dont knock it he certinly earned his wages for 4.5 years

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A couple weeks ago I would have laughed at that. Sierra is a very quiet dog.
Lately, when someone comes to the door, She's been growling and a couple of barks.
This Thanksgiving(this last Thursday) the first guests to arrive, got growled and barked at, until they came in.
My hubby says, this is what he wants from a dog.
I'm not so sure, but it is comforting that she is aware of what is going on around us.
But the sign is really cute!

Just a Parent of 5 Golden
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Our 2 would wake the dead the amount of noise they make when someone comes onto our property.
They'd probably lick them to death as they would never bite, but with all the noise that comes from them I'm sure anybody would have second thoughts as they sound a lot meaner than their bark.....

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I would have bought one also:)

Ya know Golden's may not have the German Shepard type of instinct but as rosemary and others stated they can be quit the alarm system. My boy will bark and growl at a car pulling into the drive and appear to be protecting the property but regardless as soon as anyone gets out Tuff will run for hugs and try to get petted:doh:

Missing Selka So Much
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It's amazing how many people can be afraid of a golden. When someone walks by when we are in the yard if the boys approach some people act afraid of any big dog.
My dogs can sound like guard dogs when someone is outside. I like it that way.

Daisy - my heart
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I recently had a lady come to my door, a stranger. I opened the door and Daisy was right there, she let out a series of loud barks and positioned herself in front of me (the screen door was still closed). That might not be appropriate and maybe some would say she has bad manners, and it even surprised me, but I like it!

The lady has a golden retriever herself and she told me Daisy scared her :) I know Daisy would never hurt anyone, at least not under normal circumstances, but sometimes that initial big bark is enough.

Not a traditional guard dog by any means, but they do guard!

Hudson's girl
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That is wonderful. Where did you get it? Hudson is a BIG boy and people are afraid of him. He will put himself between me whatever he is barking at. It is kind of nice to be able to put on my iPod to walk him and know that he will bark if something comes our way. He would never ever hurt them but I think that people would generally keep away from a girl with a gigantic, loud, slobbery dog :)

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That's so cute. Mad is more of a guard dog than my Siberian ever was. Mad barks her deep bark while running to the door when someone is out there. Rhiannon used to silently walk to the door tail wagging. Then people would step back when I opened the door, since with no barking, they weren't expecting to be met by a large husky.
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