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This site is a lucky find!

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I think this site is going to be a life saver . . there are days when I need all the help I can get! Beau Bear will be 6 months on October 4th. We have had him since he was 8 weeks and a day old. Part angel, part devil. Has been completely house trained for quite some time - rings a bell to go out - doesn't mind his crate - and as long as he has a gentle leader on, he does a perfect sit, down, stay and heel. Without the 'leader', not so good! The 'Invisible Fence' was installed yesterday, (Dog in Training) sign in my yard. :)

My problem is: At least twice a day he runs around the house like a complete crazed idiot - lucky no one has been hurt and nothing broken (yet) AND he is getting much, much too 'mouthy'. I have used the substitute toys and the time out in the crate methods and I believe I am saying NO in my sleep. All recommendations will be appreciated. Advance thanks - Cecil
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It's all normal. Goldens are mouthy. Just keep toys handy to stuff in there.

And the running around? It's called Zoomies. There is only one cure for that, and it's exercise.

The good news is you don't have anything we all haven't seen ourselves :)
Welcome to the forum... I was going to say 'Zoomies' are normal. I dont' think they ever fully outgrow them but as the dog matures the episodes will be less frequent.

It sounds like you have a wonderful start with Beau Bear. He may look like a big dog in another few months but remember he is still a puppy. Just remember that there will be days that you will think that he has lost his mind and forgetten all that he has learned. Be patient and loving and he will learn. And someday, maybe around 2 years old, he will settle down when his mental and physical development are mature.
Welcome to GRF!! Glad you found us - now you need to complete your initiation and post some pictures of Beau Bear!! :D
Buddy, our failed foster, is supposingly around 4 years old. We still see the zoomies come out usually at night right before bedtime. He gets this "look" in his eyes, we say "where's crazy dog?", and he takes off! Yeah, we have a few more scratches on our wood floor (patina) but I just love to see him having FUN!
The 'zoomies', that's a good one. Shows you how much I know about Goldens, right? I have had lots of dogs, very well behaved, dogs. This one is guaranteed to keep me young and that is a good thing. I really needed a gazelle at 70 years old, but I now have one with the 'zoomies' and I am loving every minute of it. Good thing I didn't read the books last June or I might have changed my mind about this breed.
Your pictures are wonderful. I am trying to post a picture of Beau now, but not having much luck . . . I should have taken more pics - he is growing so big right before my eyes and it is so hard to remember back. I used to grab and lift him with one arm to go out in the middle of the night to potty. Cecil
welcome to the forum! you'll find great advice here, and some really friendly folks.
Like everyone else has said, the zoomies are soo normal. Wish we could bottle that energy and sell it!
And so is the mouthing! But at his age, it's driven more by physiological needs than anything else. The big molars are coming in, and need to be "set" in the jawbone. His mouth bothers him, and he needs to chew. Lots of really hard things are appropriate right now. It's the age where you'll see them chewing on stones, bricks, walls....
This too shall pass!
Looking forward to photos.
Completely Normal

That is completely normal puppy behavior.

I remember when Snobear, my Samoyed was 5 mos. old we rescued Smooch, our Golden Ret.-she was 16 months old.

They would run up and down the stairs through the house-the floor and furniture just shook and I was terrified they would accidentally kill one another.
I called the Golden Ret. Rescue lady and told her my fears and she said,
"They are just puppies, and they won't kill one another."

Looking back I just laugh and say why wouldn't I have known that, but at the time it was scary. I hadn't had two such young dogs, for a long time!!
Hi Cecil, can't wait to see pics of Beau Bear. Zoomies are fun, aren't they? My boy, Coby, is 11, and he still does them occasionally. He actually has a little course mapped out for himself, and we know to stay out of his way when he's zooming!
honestly there will be a day when you will wish you saw them zoom more often...Lexi my old girl) got a case last night...I got all misty-eyed...
Welcome from Georgia Cecil and Beau Bear.:wavey: I have not had a puppy for decades.... any pooch I have owned in the last 30 years has come to live with me as an adult so I'm not much help.

However I have read many of the great experiences most new puppy owners have posted here and had to smile a little when I read your post:).

Anyhoo.... you may have your hands full for a while but it will all be worth while.

Glad to have you and your pack here and cant wait to see pictures.

Al & Tuff Dog
Alan, being new to this site - I am enjoying the pictures so much. The one of Tuff Dog in your yard and the one next to the kitty in you album is beautiful. Them, there, eyes!
Welcome to the forum. Don't even try to 'cure' the zoomies. They will diminish enough all on their own. Around here, we encourage them. Penny is 7 1/2 years old. I had never experienced them before she came to us. What a fun thing, especially when she used to run all the way around our old house, digging up divits on the corners!

You'll love your invisible fence. Penny has had one since she was 4 months old. It's so nice to play ball and let them run without worrying. I think it helps with recall too. They seem to understand that leaving is not an option so they come. Nice!

I find posting pictures is easier if I upload them to my account and them copy and paste a link to them here. Sometimes GRF just won't upload from my computer.

Looking forward to seeing lots of pictures of Beau Bear!
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