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This is why I do this!!!!!!!

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when I am lamenting over why I breed I shall re-read this letter...from our turn puppy (Black-Boys) Cody's new mom!!!!!!!

Hi Heather,
How are you doing? Hopefully you have a good feeling about all your puppies going home. Must be alot less hectic around the homestead. I cannot figure out how you do it! One is plenty for me! we go with the report of the last day and 1/2 of life style altering details!!

Our ride home was a dream. He was very quiet, stressed and somewhat bewildered for sure, but he slept for at least 1/2 the way home. When he would stir and pant, I would simply place my hand gently on him and he settled. He was received by Sabrina extremely well, and he was so excited to have a "big girl" to come home to. His first night was uneventful. He slept through the night. He has taken to his bed wonderfully. We set up our crate and he goes for ALL his sleeps in his own private suite. He loves it (for now anyhoo). He seems to be very comfortable, and we are surprised at how quickly he has seemed to settle in. He slept through the night again last night....however...he must have been dreaming evil dreams as he got up today as the devil in disguise! I think he is really comfortable now as this morning he decided the following: 1. I will pee on the carpet (outside we went) 2. I will torment Sabrina and bite her tail so that Sabrina can correct me and I know my place. 3. I will test out the cording for chew factor on that nice big chair (that I will eventually sleep in even if I am told no) 4. I will run like hell to the garden and under that bush, even though I have been told no, and lifted away from it 5 times. 5. I will walk in my water dish to get to my food. 6. I will not play with the toys you have given me because they are boring and the rungs of the wooden kitchen chairs look far better. 7. I will try to eat the paper towel you are using to clean my mini mistake. 8. I will calm down when I am held and told to sshh, good boy, ssshh, you are o.k. .......9. Whew!! I am very tired and I will go and get into my crate on my own and flop down and go to sleep. Heather, please note... 1 - 9 took place between 5:45 and 7:30 this morning.....I am laughing to myself and shaking my head as I write this to you and thinking--there is one major thing we forget to bring home with us....that is you!
Seriously he is such a sweet little boy. He is already aware of where to ask out when he needs to go, this little being sits by the door and gives such a little wee whine and out we go...very impressed. I know we will have some errors, however, the ground work you do shows big time.
So all in all the first 48 are going very well. We decided on Cody as his name. I hope you like seemed a hard decision, but it does seem to suit him in our eyes.
He loves to be cuddled and told how handsome he is. We have another "so handsome boy". He takes great delight at looking at the puppy in the reflection of the frig. I bet he wonders how another puppy could be as handsome as he is!! (It is a riot to watch him interact with himself) I must admit that it is a relief when he gets tired and wants to go to sleep. Putting him to bed, knowing where he is and being able to have a moment to organize myself truly is the easily we forget the time and effort that lie ahead of us.
We are so pleased with him. We will keep you updated as to our progress. One thing I did forget to ask you is....can we take him out for a mini walk yet or is he still a bit too young to be subjected to the big world? By that I mean picking up possible germs and stuff from other animals? I have bought him a little step in, around the shoulder, harness rather than a collar (pulling around the neck doesn't work well for me) We have tried this on and walked a moment or two in the house. He seems to like the leash part of it, as he was much more interested a trying to chew at that than walk forward....:)
Today we are going to have a spa moment. We will have a brushing, we will investigate the teeth and will check out the ears. We will be beautiful. (I had done this with Oliver as a puppy, and he turned into a spa dog. He loved nothing better than to be brushed and cleaned. He would take hours of grooming and love it. What an attention hog he was!)
Well, I guess you must be wondering if I will shut up soon...yes, soon, if I must....
I hope you are doing well. It was so good to see you, and we enjoyed seeing your big dogs. Jim fell in love with Adi. Tauri has to be the biggest baby of all. She was so sweet, such a good girl. We are glad she is doing so well after her precarious delivery. You truly have the gift of raising beautiful dogs. It was a good thing you had people coming in after us, or we might still be there at your house. You give such a welcoming feeling to us.
Shut up Cheryl, let Heather have a moment to herself....o.k., o.k.
Well, off to the shower while the little guy snoozes. Have a great day and we will give you an update in a week or so.
Also, I am quite serious when I say that you are welcome and beyond to come by if you ever are in this area.
Talk to you soon,
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How great!! I cant wait to see pictures!!!
That must be such a wonderful feeling Heather, after all the hard work, worry and stress especially with all you have been through recently.

I would love to have a pup of yours. Maybe in the next life. : )
I'm sure she'll continue to be amazed by this little life you helped bring into her world. I hope you will share any further letters and pics with us. I'd love to see what a handsome Dog he becomes. You must be very proud...and happy.
I sure am Paula..and Hadden will be in your neck of the woods! Annapolis & Delaware...lucky you!
You did good, Heather. I can imagine what a wonderful feeling it is to pass your puppies on to such loving homes :heartbeat
What a wonderful letter :) I too would be over the moon if I were ever lucky enough to be one of your puppy's parents one day.
What a great letter. It sounds as if Cody found a great home. I followed the Turn thread, and just let me say, those pups were amazingly beautiful!
What a wonderful letter. It must make you feel really good to know how loved your pups will be. And I have to say...I love the name Cody.:)
Heather, that's a testament to your knowledge, experience, and devotion, to both the Breed, and your very own contribution to it.
I think I can say we are ALL proud of you!
Awww, how sweet! I was laughing when I read #1-9 :D
Is that letter ever nice! Gives me warm fuzzies and I'm not even the one who recieved it!

Also, I am quite serious when I say that you are welcome and beyond to come by if you ever are in this area.
This goes double and triple for us too!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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