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I realize this is a Golden Retriever forum, BUT does anyone know much about Rough Collies?! My husband really wants one and I think they are beautiful too. We have tossed around the idea of it lately, and I've been looking into it a bit... It probably won't be for a few months, but I'd like to get another dog for Macy. Always thought it would be another golden, but I am open to the idea of a collie! Anyone have any input?! :confused:
(They have collie rescue organizations too which I would consider...)

..I realize that we are all golden lovers here.. but try and have an open mind lol ;)

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As you can see... we have one...

I think he's technically a tri-factored sable. Which means that he's wearing all of the colors of the collie and even has blue in his eyes. :)

He was an owner surrender @ 2, and simply a treasure. I couldn't say enough about how easy collies are compared to goldens. He is sweet natured and we joke that he "has no will of his own", unlike our goldens who definitely go through deaf-mule-headed streaks.

Couple things you need to keep in mind -

1. They are extremely sensitive. You can not raise your voice and handle them roughly.

2. Their fur is HORRIBLE. You have to get used to brushing your dog out every time he goes outside. Otherwise - it will get matted from just leaves. The length and texture of the coat is very prone to matting. And just to give you an idea of how much coat there is, look at the pic below and keep in mind that the 58lb collie is sitting next to an 80lb golden and looking about the same size. If you feel him down, he is all coat.

3. Their eyes have a lot of problems. Our guy has damage to his one eye. And our vet believes that one eye is set deeper than the other. Possibly from an injury that happened at the previous owners or at the foster.

4. They are dominant and bossy with other dogs. Not necessarily aggressive. But they do feel that it is their job to keep everyone in line.

5. They nip. If they get excited, their first instinct is to nip. It's what they do. And it hurts.

6. They are more prone to bloat than goldens are. At least our vet has said so...

7. This may be just our experience, or our guy's breeding - but he has a little arthritis in his neck. Talking with other collie owners, this seems to be a common issue?

8. Intolerance of pain. That same "crick" in his neck from the arthritis will have him immobilized on the floor and screaming.

9. And the other thing is they do not play like goldens do. Or at least ours doesn't. Our collie plays chase and nip/pin games. That's his idea of fun. When we had more than one golden, they LOVED wrestling.

10. They chase cars.

11. If you can't stand a vocal dog (wookie noises, high pitched barking, squeaking, whining) - do not get a collie.

12. You know how you have to drag your golden in out of the rain because they think they are ducks? With our collie, he will not go out into the rain unless somebody is holding an umbrella over him.

^ All of that said, we love our collie. And our golden loves having the company. It's so sweet to see them out together, because our golden follows the collie everywhere.

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