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Thinking about getting another dog

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A friend of mine fosters rescue dogs. The other day she received a 1yr old Male Great Dane/Golden Retriever Mix. He is fully potty trained (but is currently dealing with diarreah, she assumes is due to stress), up-to-date on shots & is neutered. He is great with kids and other pets (she has 3 dogs, 1 cat & a rabbit).

I met him last night and he seems like a great dog. He knows his basic commands and his recall is excellent. He is the perfect mix of Great Dane & Golden. Both size wise & temperment wise.

I'd love to give him a forever home, but I'm worried that I might be taking on too much at this point in time. Obi is 5.5 months old and is a wonderful pup. Would I be doing him a disservice by bringing home another dog? Or do you think he would benefit from having a compainion? I also worry about dominance issues (both are males).

Hubby wants to wait at least a year before getting another dog, but for him, it's more a $$ issue. I'm so torn. I have always wanted a Great Dane, and to have come across this dog...he is the perfect mix of both breeds.

So please give me your honest oppinion. If you were in my shoes, what would you do??
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I'm trying my darndest to get hubby to give in to it. Right now, for him, it is boiling down to the added expense. BUT, he has agreed to meet "Fletcher". :--big_grin:

I talked with my friend tonight and she just cannot believe what a wonderful dog he is! He is so well behaved and so gentle. Makes me want him even more.:--heart:

I will try and get pictures of him to share with you guys. :--big_grin:
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