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Think of getting a second dog...

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Thinking of getting a second dog...

I was wondering what anyones opinion was on having a small dog and a Golden Retriever.

I have been doing a lot of reading and feel that a Bichon could possibly be the only small dog that I would like to have.
But with that said I want to get a dog for cody just as much as for myself.
He LOVES other dogs and I just can not get him to the dog park until winter and no amount of walking him seems to keep him happy. I know he needs a friend.

There are pros and cons to both small and large dogs, feeding cost being the major one for us, and shedding hair another.

Does anyone have a small dog and a Golden? how do they get along when they play? Cody is good with small dogs at the park so I am not concerned, but I am worried the small dog may not like Cody after a few rough romps in the yard. Plus once winter comes Cody wont have an outside friend with a small dog.

We have considered a Standard poodle but they seem to have a lot more energy then I might be able to live with. Or am I wrong? if bred right do they seem to have the same sort of energy as a Golden?
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I have a friend in Florida that has a Bichon the cutest small dog I have ever met. They don't shed and the dog even likes to swim with her 11 year old daughter.
I don't have a small dog that likes to play (my two smaller are older and grumpy LOL!) but I babysit my mom's little papillion mix alot. Her and my golden Summer get along great and even Rott'n (the rottweiller) tries to figure out what he would need to join in on the fun.
I know she is only 1/2 golden :) but Nellie just adores my aunt's shih tzu Pheobe. I would love to get another dog with Nellie, but I can't right now.
My two get along great. This is how Lucy relaxes ;):

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My neighbor has a English Cocker Spaniel (6 years old) and a Golden Retriever (5 years old). Spaniel came first, then GR pup was introduced to the family. They get along like true siblings. When they come over to play, GR will play with my dogs but the Cocker Spaniel will stay with the humans. When humans get angry with a dog or two, you will see these two siblings band together, quietly sitting in a corner. Very sweet, they look out for each other. In fact if we were to reprimand the GR, the English Cocker Spaniel will try to intercede for her by coming between the GR and human, wagging her tail like crazy.
thank you for the picturesKaren!! so adorable.
thank you for all the replies, I think I am convinced I am going to get a small dog.
I know Cody will settle down eventualy(he will right??) and once he does the two of them will probably the best of friends. The no hair is a huge bonuse for me. I love Cody to bits, he is the best dog I have ever had, but with two small kids under 5 I am findig the hair is something I am constantly cleaning since my kids play on the floor a lot(we have hard wood)

My two get along great. This is how Lucy relaxes ;):

We have a tibetan spaniel and a golden.. Our tibbie is 4 and our golden is almost 6 months so it's hard to say how they will get along later but for the time being everything seems to have worked out really well! The only problem is that our golden seems to be at the age where everything on the ground is hers to eat, including our tibbie.. :doh:
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