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The "Y Litter" has arrived!!

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We have an even split of five girls and five boys. They came a little early but very ready, breathing, talking and with lovely dark noses, muzzles and ears. They are a good size for 10 of them 13-15 ounces at birth. Kali is being a wonderful Mom! A few photos for now. I am off to ensure everyone takes turns for breakfast, do some housework and take a shower. Keep us in your thoughts. More later!


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Ash!!! They are PERFECT! And so beautiful!!!! Congratulations to you and Kali!!!!! I'll be keeping them all in my thoughts!!!!
Darling babies! Is that a baby monitor in the second photo?
How many of them already have homes lined up, Ash? I'm asking because Cris' cousin in Edmonton is looking around, but I'm not sure if they are ready now or want to wait until spring.
Congratulations, Ash! They look wonderful!
Beautiful babies!! Congrats to you and Kali :)
they are so gorgeous! makes me want another one!

Gorgeous! In the nursing shot, is that a C section scar? Hard to tell. Hope everything turned out great from mom and babies. Sure looks like it did!
Congratulations! They are all beautiful!
OMG! They are so adorable and lovely. How incredibly sweet! Congratulations!!!
Thank you so much for the kind comments everyone. No, Jill that is thermometer that sits in the box to give me a constant reading on the temp in the box. It relays to a second digital unit that displays the temp. Yes, that is from the section :) Right now I am still taking questionnaires on a few companion pups :) Thanks again.
oh wiggly cuteness overload! Congrats!
Congrats they are beautiful!
Congratulations, Ash! They are gorgeous. Can't wait to watch them grow up!
Congratulations!!! What a beautiful group!!!
Oh my goodness you have your work cut out for you! Congratulations they are beautiful!
Congratulations! They are adorable :)! You must be so happy!
The pups are just precious! Congratulations!
1 - 20 of 54 Posts
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