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The thief has struck again...

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Im sitting in my living room enjoying my morning tea..
Little did I know, there was a brazen thief casually walking through my house....Thankfully my thief has a heart of gold.

Dear Tracer-boy walked in front of me and put his head in my lap....not unusal...
However I saw a gold band resting gently between his fuzzy lips. I held out my hand and asked him to give. Trace gently placed my WEDDING BAND in my hand.

It was in my nightstand drawer....with my engagement ring and the contents of my pockets including chapstick. Trace loves chapstick as much as I do! I suspect he was jonesing for chapstick and got distracted by my rings... Thanfully my engagment ring was still there...:doh:

Some may remember Trace has a watch fetish....looks like he has expanded his taste to include rings.....:)
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He was just thinking he deserved some sort of gold recognition from this weekend!
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