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The skunk story....

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It was 6:30 am...I had taken my shower, put on my make-up...all that was left was fixing my hair.

I poured a cup of coffee called up Lucky to go outside, leashed him, pulled up my hood, and opened the door. Yawning, coffee in one hand and leash lazily held in the other I was ready for another relaxing, tranquil, calming walk into the dark, drizzling raining morning....

As we stepped on the porch....Lucky lunged with super dog strength, knocked the coffee from my hand, my feets slid across the wet porch. The leash left my hand and I looked to see him CIRCLING A SKUNK...AT THE BOTTOM OF THE STAIRS.

It wasn't faced him... moving as he moved. I clammored down the stairs, grabbed his leash hoping to yank him to safety and suddenly the stench...oh the stench. And Lucky wrinkled his nose I swear, three fold like an accordian.

So......the skunk pittered off in the cayose and Lucky and I went our way but he was too excited to poop and we both smelled.

FYI....1 quart of peroxide, 1 quart water, 1/4 cup baking soda and 2 tablespoons of dish soap does wonders...even when used during the pouring rain. I'm thinking my neighbors believe I'm eccentric giving my dog a bath when its raining cats and dog.

That's my saga for the day.:)
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Not the right way to start the day. ;) I hope neither of you got the full dose of skunk.
That is not a good way to start your day. Did you get the smell off yourself before going to work? I am glad that the skunks dont come around here. Mine would not back off either.
Not the right way to start the day. ;) I hope neither of you got the full dose of skunk.
Lucky did. I had to throw away his collar, wash the leash. He made the whole house smell.... Me...not so bad. I had several people smell me at work to make sure all was good.
Oh my goodness!! What a start! At least you had already had a sip or two of coffee! ;) I am glad you didn't get skunned to terribly...but poor Lucky!!
Nice co-workers, but I'll bet you caused a little consternation. Hi whatcha doing did you have a good day yesterday, uhmmmmm Would you smell me??????

I've had two cats and one dog (Jack - not Copper; he's too smart) skunked this fall. I went to get the eggs out of the chicken coop last week an the little blighter was in there "browsing".
Such is life in the country.
Recipe for skunk odor removal

I've not heard of the peroxide/water and baking soda recipe. What I've always done in the past is bathe with Dawn dish soap(has to be Dawn the original blue one), followed by a rinse of Massengil disposable douche(the vinegar one, no flowery scent). It works well, I'd say about 85-90%. It takes a few days for the dog to be completely non-detectable of the skunk aftermath. The odor always seems to permeate around the head and ears. I remember one skunk ordeal after working 3:30-12midnight and arriving home..., letting my dog out and you guessed it, the skunk made its' presence and sprayed my dog. So, there I was outside on a October chilly evening with the outside lights on and giving my dog a bath until 1:30 in the morning! What we do for the love of our loving companions!
So, there I was outside on a October chilly evening with the outside lights on and giving my dog a bath until 1:30 in the morning! What we do for the love of our loving companions!
Lol, so you know how I felt. I will say that I was worried about was really chilly! But he enjoyed every minute of that cold bath on a cold day.
I use Dawn and then tomato juice.

It seems to work pretty well, but I might try one of these recipes next time.

The dog (bassettX) wasn't too bad about the bath, but the cats pouted for days!
I don't know why they have to go see the little stinky visitors. Okay, the dog makes sense but what are the cats thinking???? "Hey new little friend" or "let's fight the new guy"?

Sheesh. Winter is coming. It is in the high 40s this morning and that makes me pout. I can't imagine living anywhere that is colder than here!
Yikes! Glad you didn't get skunked too bad. A couple of weeks ago, I opened the door to let the dogs out, and I could smell a skunk. I was hoping it wasn't actually in our fence but just in the woods behind the house, but it was dark so I couldn't see. I was hollering at the dogs trying to get them to come back in quick. Luckily it must have been in the woods. But boy did it stink that night; we had to close up all the windows to keep the smell out.
Oh my, what a way to start your day. :doh: Skunks are one animal I haven't seen around here in years. I remember as a kid smelling them all the time.

We have more problems with raccoons, fox and deer.

I hope Lucky is smelling sweeter soon.
Ahhh, the country kitty, as we like to call them, or more fittingly, Mr. Stinky. Yes, I have done the bath in cold weather a time or two. What is worse than a dog getting skunked??? TWO dogs getting skunked! My dearly departed Brandy and Tucker tag teamed one years ago. All I remember is it was cold and smelly washing two dogs. I use the peroxide, baking soda and dish soap method too and it works great.
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