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the Pudden shows off her new zipper nose

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The Pudden has always been a bit envious of those who are blessed with a perfect little zipper nose. So she saved up her allowance and went in, as they say in Hollywood, "to have some work done."

what do you think?


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hmmm...I think pink is a great color choice.
LOL-poor Pudden :) She is so patient and good!
Pudden dear, we love you just the way you are :) I do have to say though, your choice of zipper nose color is totally you :heartbeat
Alright, that's adorable. I think she has the cutest darn hot pink zipper a dog could have!
did anyone tell her that her fly is open?
Adorable photo!
ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think Jazz has zipper envy now!
That is darling! No nose job Pudden, you just wouldn't be yourself :).
LMAO!! Pudden, you and your Mommy are too darn funny :p:
The hot pink color is very girly too :D
Oh now that's Cute Pudden! Hubby says u r as crazy as I am! I just Love All of you posts! :)


You don't need a new nose-your snoz is just beautiful!!
Pudden so funny, Tanyac is going to love this LOL we were talking about zipper noses last week not common in he UK but that pic is so funny.
Pudden you are a sweetie! Love your zipper nose! :p:
Now that is funny!!!! :jester: :bowrofl: I'm glad I wasn't drinking anything!
HAHAHA! I thought she might have injured her nose and had a new scar! That is too cute! I knew Jazz n Jules would love that! Tee Hee!
Way too cute. Looks like Pudden's mom has some new sewing projects to work on.
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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