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The Pack is on the Move!

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11 days before I get to fly out and pick up Bentley's sister. The Breeder sent this picture today of all the puppies running, which I had to post. The picture with only two puppies is the two girls. Anyone with any tips for puppy selection? Last time we wanted a boy and had 2nd pick and there were only two boys. This time we are getting a girl and have first pick, and there are only two girls (eight boys).


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They are so cute...good luck on picking they are both so cute. I guess you have to meet them ... maybe let her pick you. Good luck....
Cute overload for sure! It would be hard to pick from a picture but if I had to, it would be the little girl in the back. Just something about that face. But, I agree with Janie, let her pick you.
How sweet! The pups remind me of little bumper cars with those cute little puppy tails up in the air!

I've never picked a puppy, just go with your gut! You can't make the wrong choice when you are bringing home one of those fluffballs!
Congratulations on your new family member!
I just picked out my little girl last weekend. There were 3 to choose from so I held each and only one looked me right in the eyes and then tried to kiss me. That sealed the deal! I can't wait to pick her up on the 20th!
What a beautiful group! Those two pups at the bottom of the second picture are totally darling.

I would probably confer with the breeder on which pup to pick.
Dont they so also that you should hold the puppy in your arms on its back to see if its summisive (sp) and it should stay there for alittle bit?
We had first pick from 2 boys in the litter. We knew the minute we met them which one we wanted. Our pup wanted to be near us when we sat in the grass and was playful and fun. The other puppy kept going off by himself, didn't want nothing to do with us. The breeder even said our guy was her pick for us because he will be a great family dog because he loves being around people and the other dog was more independant (thru her temperment testing). He's perfect for us!!!
What cuties! We just picked our puppy last weekend, and it was unbelievably hard because all the males were great. But, like BJ above, the one we picked stayed with us the most and seemed interested in us, although he did a fair amount of exploring, too. Balance, I guess! Good luck with your choice. Between your gut feeling and the help of your breeder, you'll do fine.
Oh man they are so cute! I do not have any advice on how to pick! I would assume you will know when you are there. Congratulations!
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