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I know this is a dog forum, but my cats are part of my family too and I love showing em off! All of them are rescued or adopted kitties. They all have Catster profiles that have the story of their rescues.


The oldest at 12 yrs old. Was rescued as a kitten from crown heights, brooklyn, which is where her name comes from. She is the self appointed Queen of the house and dislikes all of the other animals. She is tolerant of the male cat (Maus) but thats about it, lol.


Was found with her son, Maus, abandoned near a ditch. A very sweet, albeit a little shy, cat who loves attention and loves being with people. I wish i knew more of her history and why someone would abandon such a sweet and playful little cat. Chloe was diagnosed with FELV in January and is doing OK so far :crossfing


Maus has been through a lot in his 4 years of life. He needed emergency surgery as a 6 month old kitten because of an intestinal blockage, and has had 2 urinary blockages. He's an exceptionally affectionate cat and is very attached to me. Likes to follow me around all over the house and loves his feline housemates - even Brooke, who hates him.

Gabielle and Helene-Iris and

9 year old sisters who I adopted in May from a cat sanctuary. Very vocal, people-loving, playful, VOCAL cats! Purr machines! They have taken very well to their new home and fit right in. Helene-Iris (aka Birdie) is a little more pushy than her sister, who is more low-key and prefers laying on laps to Birdie's chosen job of being always on the move. And both of them have extra toes.


Helene-Iris (aka Birdie)


Sable went to the Rainbow Bridge in April of this year. She came into our lives as a stray. We hadn't been looking for another cat, but Sable was the type of cat who wouldn't ever take no for an answer. A very bold, mischievous, vocal, social cat who loved being in the middle of everything, and loved to play with her best friend Maus. I miss her tremendously and think of her often.

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