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The Good Looking Golden Foursome

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May (7 months), Razz (10 months), Nyg (2 1/2) & Riley (4). I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to get these four to take time out from playing to get this picture taken.
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TOO TOO cute. What a handsome quartet!!
Yes, they certainly are! That is a fine collection of goldens you got there! So handsom. Great job getting them to all stand still for the camera!
Great Picture! Nice looking! I am very impressed you got all four of them in the picture! I have a hard time getting mine in a photo by hisself!
They're so cute!! I wish I could have more!! :)
Aww, they all look so cute (and mischievous!)
Wow, you must have your hands full! I can't even imagine how much fun it must be to have FOUR goldens at home.

I was just about to post some pics of my Riley...stay tuned!
Aww, they all look so cute (and mischievous!)
Not them!!!!!! :) .....mischievous I mean!

Next weekend (which is the Canadian Thanksgiving), we not only have Riley staying with us but Riley's human baby brother, Owen, who just turned 1 year old. You can count on two things - Owen will have LOTS of golden kisses and Owen will dump the dog water dish at least once!:p::p:
Makes ya wanna lay on floor and hug 'em all!!!
What a nice picture! Thanks for sharing ;-)
great photo of some great looking goldens!!
Great pic. Is May yours or theirs? (with Riley)
That is a great looking pack. They all even have the same facial expressions. Great shot.
They are gorgeous!.Could take them,all,home!.
Someone is fast and good with a camera....great picture.
Wait! Who is May? I missed something!
What a good looking group!! Love the picture.
Great pic. Is May yours or theirs? (with Riley)
May is one of my breeders girls who we are fostering right now. So, while she's here, I'm doing formal obedience training as well as manners/household training. May will be going back to Connie when she comes into season as things would be a bit chaotic with two intact males in the house. We've had May for 3 months now & she gets along GREAT with the other goldens.
Great picture!
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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