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Several people asked..... so.

It was 95 here yesterday, so Mom told us we had to sit pretty to get a BD picture taken..... BORING.

And even more.....

But Mom..... we want.... no NEED to play "bone". Penny says, "I'm ready....... now throw it"

NO FAIR...... I'M first

Nannny-nanny booboo, I caught it!!!!

Look..... bunny ears and a flying tail.

I give up..... I'm blonde, beautiful and having a bad hair day


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Happy Birthday to the Girls! They are looking great..... and happy! Hope everyone had a good day!

Jakey says he goes for girls with bunny ears.:p:

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Such pretty birthday girls! A blonde and a redhead - what more could you want?
The captions are great too. I hope you get some cooler weather your way. Fall has hit here and it is great!
Give the girls happy birthday hugs and kisses for me.

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Lovely golden girls- what an excellent sight they make together sitting side by side! Beautiful.

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Great Photos and you got them to Pose!! Wow! Our first Golden would pose for the camera like a pro. This bunch--forget about way! Not even for treats! We have to get them sound asleep or in action!
That is my gang, Dylan poses every time he sees a camera, but the other two, forget it!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLS, what beauties you are.........
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