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The Adventures of Lucy Lime

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Well we picked her up today and she was a gem! Slept most of the way home and when she wasn't sleeping, she was playing. Wasn't sick, didn't pee in the car, she was great!

I've only got a couple of pictures so far, taken with my black berry. More to follow I'm sure!

Now that she's explored one room, she's passed out on the couch. She's making herself quite at home! Right down to wanting to help type on the forum...


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I've been waiting all day for this post! She's SOOOOO CUTE!!!
What an exciting day!!!
She is so cute...welcome to your new home ms lucy.
Yeah!!!!!!!!! glad all was well on the trip home!!! the pen looks empty!!!!!!!!!
Lime girl is so cute... It was nice to watch them grow and now we are able to really watch lime girl grow more! I can't wait for more pictures. Welcome home Lime Girl!
Lucy is beautiful!
Yeah!!!!!!!!! glad all was well on the trip home!!! the pen looks empty!!!!!!!!!

I bet it looks empty!! 3 more gone? It's going to become manageable again.

Thanks guys! I/we love her to bits already! More pictures to come soon! We took her over to nana's and papa's. I don't think we'll have a problem finding someone to watch her if we want to get away!
She is so cute! She looks perfectly squeezable. Have fun with her!
I'm so glad the trip went so well. Lucy is beautiful.
She is just adorable. I love her name.
Oh how great those sweet new puppy days are. Treasure them. they grow up so fast!
I bet it looks empty!! 3 more gone? It's going to become manageable again.
3 gone as well as Lucy...I made a mistake and had a couple come @ 4 that I thought was coming today..Red girl, who is now "Jaime" It was a bit of scrambling but we got her off without a hitch!!!!!! so I had 4 left last night!!! LOL....they still made as much of a mess as 11!!! :p:

one today, one tomorrow and the final kids Monday!

Morning miss Lucy!!!!!:) Hugs!!!!!!!
Welcome to the forum Lucy Lime!!!
We've all been anxiously waiting for your arrival home and can't wait to watch you grow :)
Tell Mom to keep those pics coming!!!
Day 2

Well she definitely has a set of lungs on her!

She was up every 2 hrs whining and wailing to go out last night. So you'd think with all that, we wouldn't have had any potty issues in the crate. Uhm no, at 5:30 we woke up to the lovely aroma of puppy poo and Miss Lucy had an impromptu bath at 5:40. She's definitely not a fan of the hairdryer!

We went for another car ride today and she was great there and hasn't had anymore accidents since, but we learned our lesson! Must poo before bed!

Otherwise she's great and steals the show with everyone who meets her. :p: She's been playing like crazy and just found a new toy; the doorstoppers! She knows her name, comes when you call her pretty well and has peeing on comand almost figured out (at least I hope so!).

We're working on sit, lay-down, loving the crate and potty training. So if anyone has any tips on the last two, feel free to share! I'll try to get another picture or two up tomorrow and maybe a video. ;)
What a cutie patootie! Thanks for posting the pictures!
1 - 20 of 142 Posts
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