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That expectant look

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You know the one... when your dog is staring at you waiting for you to figure out what he wants.

Rookie is sitting here staring at me tonight and for the life of me I can't figure out what he wants. We walked for almost an hour this morning. We walked for another half hour tonight, then came home and played tug of war and fetch. He's peed, he's pooped, he's been fed, he's had plenty of water. What the heck does he want?

He did the same thing yesterday after we spent a half an hour at the dog park and another hour and a half walking the trails through the woods. He should have been conked out sleeping and instead he sat there and stared at me like he was waiting to go out!!!

Doesn't that drive you nuts when they do that?!? :doh:
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I think that is their "What else have you got for me look". Kinda like a dogs version of clicker training where you wait for the response you are looking for and then rewarding your humans for guessing the right thing. :p::p:
Sam does the same thing EVERY NIGHT. He will stand in front of me, stare, and make this whiney noise under his breath. He drives me nutso!!!
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