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** Thanksgiving** National Dog show ** My daughter will be on TV**

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Wanted to wish all my GRF friends a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving and if anyone has time to watch the Dog show from 12-2PM tomorrow my daughter will be handling one of our smooth collies and also my rough Collie as well will be in the Herding group.. Here is a pic that was taking of her in the Group

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I know zip about showing dogs, however JerseyChris, your daughter is the perfect example of professional.

Concerning the lab video, someone please tell me that the lab in the video is not the example of what the lab breed standard is supposed to be.
Don’t you know they need all that fat to keep them warm in the icy waters 😉

No it’s not. As is the case in dog showing, sometimes the extremes come out and this is what you see. Labs are shown fat for reasons that are beyond my understanding
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